Veteran British Newscaster Explores American Mafia

Sir Trevor Howard
What is interesting about this upcoming show is that they contacted yours truly to meet with them (the production team). 

They never followed through and called me when they were in New York, but I've heard over the months from various guys who are starring on the show. One in particular told me he was the sole focus of the show, which is not true. I did learn quite a bit from that piece of business, however....

From York Press: "Sir Trevor McDonald is set to take on the Mafia in a new ITV documentary.

The veteran broadcaster wants to show viewers the "reality" and not the "mythology" of the Mob in the show.

Trevor will look at the day-to-day lives of men within the secret crime organisation as well as undercover law enforcement figures, the Radio Times reported.

The former newsreader [Newsreader! gotta love the Brits!] will visit New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Southern California in The Mafia With Trevor McDonald, which is set to air in the autumn.

He will go to the homes, workplaces, bars and restaurants where the U.S. Mafia hang out, as well as the streets where they have carried out their violence.

ITV's Jo Clinton-Davis, who commissioned the documentary, said: "Trevor's journey into this shocking but compelling world, populated by larger than life characters and even larger than life stories will unravel the mythology of the Mob to offer a unique and revealing insight into its reality."