For Alleged Colombo Capo, Crime Really Does Pay

John Staluppi, an American yachtsman supposedly known as much for his love of James Bond action films as yachts, is building up a super fleet of megayachts.

Diamonds Are Forever is his latest addition, and at 200 feet and with four decks, it is Staluppi’s largest megayacht to date. The ship's luxurious design includes two panoramic master suites and four guest staterooms; it even includes a central elevator.

John Staluppi -- yacht owner and James Bond aficionado -- was identified by the FBI as a member of the Colombo crime family.
The World Is Not Enough, indeed.....
Staluppi -- yacht owner and James Bond aficionado -- was identified by the FBI as a member of the Colombo family back in the early 1990s. An informer told the Feds Staluppi switched sides during the Colombo war in 1992, which quite a few guys did after potential usurper Vittorio Orena, with whom Staluppi had been aligned, was arrested.

But Staluppi still seems to have made it in the macro world, to the extent that the media seems to know him better as a yachtsman and a car dealer and a lover of 007 action flicks -- than as a mobster.

A source, a former law enforcement official, alerted CNNews to Staluppi's doings in legitimate business with the Diamonds are Forever acquisition.

Another former NYPD detective, when asked about Staluppi's current status, replied, "Well, the rules are once you're in, you're in until your dead." Mobsters have, however, been known to retire; others get put on the shelf, which typically means the boss wants you gone, but for whatever reason decides to spare you the ultimate punishment of two behind the ear, if you're lucky, as there are much worse ways to die, including methods that include torture and stuff.

In any case, it seems in addition to any other role he may or may not currently be playing, Staluppi is a staunch Republican.

He was identified on The Smoking Gun as one of "two Colombo family soldiers [who] have spoken with their bulging wallets -- ... they want four more years for the Bush/Cheney ticket. ...Federal Election Commission records show that convicted felons John Staluppi and John Rosatti last year each gave the GOP candidates $2,000 (the maximum individual donation).

"The FBI has identified Staluppi and Rosatti -- multimillionaires who own auto dealerships in New York and Florida -- as members of the Colombo gang.... The two Bush supporters are prized Colombo family "earners" who helped finance an insurgent Colombo faction that once sought to dethrone imprisoned boss Carmine "The Snake" Persico... They later switched back to the Persico camp after a jailhouse heart-to-heart with their mob superior, one Dominick "Donny Shacks" Montemarano..."

Before yachts Staluppi's business was, and still also is, cars. He started 30 years ago with one shop, which he built into the Atlantic Auto Group, one of New York's largest-volume auto groups, as well as one of the top-10 car dealership groups in the U.S., according to the outfit's website.

Staluppi sought to expand his legitimate empire in other ways before turning to the affluent world of yacht chartering. New Jersey casino regulators rejected Staluppi's request to let his company, Dillinger Charter Services, run helicopter flights to Atlantic City due to his mob ties, records show. [You'll note, in the FBI documents hyperlinked to above, there is mention of Staluppi's helicopters.]

"John Staluppi," as it says on his own website -- he knows how to use social media, I will give him that, as well as SEO -- "expanded his interest into the yachting industry, since he had always enjoyed boating and sportfishing in the 70's and 80's on Long Island. John Staluppi had the motivation and character to succeed at anything he put his mind to. So he created ... Millennium Super Yachts, a line of custom yachts that is unsurpassed in creativity, beauty and speed."

His yachts -- all named after Bond films, with Octopussy, Moonraker, Thunderball and The World is Not Enough among them -- don't just have cool names and killer interiors; according to industry published reports, these are some of the fastest super-yachts in the world.

"However, John Staluppi 's successes were never just for him," his website reports. "He vowed that if he ever really made it - he would help those less fortunate. He grew up with an intimate knowledge of people who have a tough life - and now he feels an obligation to help needy people have an easier life in some way. The list of charities and fundraisers that John is involved with is long. From Hospice, National Kidney Registry, to Make a Wish Foundation..."

Diamonds Are Forever is available for charter, fit to accommodate 12 guests who will be attended to by a crew of 15. This summer, Diamonds Are Forever will carry rates of 330,000 euros (approximately $453,000) per week for the low season and 365,000 euros (about $501,000) per week during high season.

According to SuperYachtWorld, it was Octopussy, "which broke the 50-knot barrier 18 years ago, that first brought the name of New York-born John Staluppi to the attention of super-yacht aficionados," the article says.

Described as "a self-made millionaire" Staluppi says he left school when he was 16 and worked as a mechanic in Brooklyn before launching one of the most successful car dealerships in North America -- "a business that enabled him to indulge his passion for racing fast boats, and then later for super-yachts," reported SuperYacht.

"He was rebellious and had a run in with the law in his youth, but was able to move forward in a constructive manner," his website reports.

So, yes, it would seem crime really does pay -- for some, anyway.


  1. I like the quality J.S. brings to the world. I applaud his efforts. He may be an inspiration to many. Seems "the Harder He Works...The Luckier He Gets".

  2. His Auto dealerships are all thives ripping off people at every turn of the road when dealing with them from buying a new car to servicing the car. Ask anyone on LI AT The mere mention of Atlantic Auto Group they will laugh .and tell you not to go near them. The reason his car business's are so sucessfull are the many many stupid people that fall for the shit they try to pull there

  3. Why would these mobsters in there right mind work with the in breaded retarded persicos? Also why would these mobsters vote republican when the republicans want to minimize the unions power? I thought union control gave them power in the first place.

  4. That Dinoto is a glorified ASSWIPER , don't even know why I keep seeing stuff on him ! He is nothing n was just a lobby boy. Haha

  5. Makes sense thanks. Btw his yachts do not seem so luxurious in my opinion. I don't think a rich saudi prince would even look twice at his selection.


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