Bonannos, Standing Firm, Reject Prosecution's Deal

Santoro arrested in 2013 for enterprise corruption.

Nicholas “Nicky Mouth” Santora turned down a plea deal for 7-to-21 years in prison Wednesday in exchange for copping to a top count of enterprise corruption. The offer shaves about a year off the minimum term he’d face if convicted at trial on that charge.

Prosecutors also offered Anthony “Skinny” Santoro 9-to-18 years behind bars, the longest term after Santora, which his lawyer said he also wouldn’t accept, noting: “It’s ridiculous, it was a non-violent gambling offense."

Santora and eight associates were busted last August for a variety of mob rackets.

Belinda Rossetti, Santora's ex-girlfriend. 

They each face a maximum of up to 25 years behind bars for their alleged roles in criminal activities including a host of traditional mob rackets: extortion, loan sharking, and gambling in New York City -- as well as the selling of prescription drugs ranging from oxycodone pain killers to Viagra, in addition to perjury and possession of firearms.Santora, 71, didn’t like the deal. His defense lawyer, Michael Alber, noted: “There’s absolutely no way he’s taking that disposition. He’s not involved in enterprise corruption.

“The prosecution is seeking to link people who don’t even recognize each other except when they come to court.”

Last month, A judge refused to toss out the indictments against the reputed Bonanno mobsters, including longtime Bonanno heavyweight brokester Nicholas "Nicky Mouth" Santora.

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  1. It would be stupid for these guys to go to trial. Maybe they are still trying to work out a plea deal after the prosecutions offer was rejected. Seems like nicky santora was not a "brokester" after all. Just by reading this indictment.

  2. The deals were ridiculous; they'd get about the same time losing at trial. Rosen read my story link below if you're interested in what I've learned about him, indictment notwithstanding....

  3. Ed, it sounds like they are letting this "Mustache Pete" take the heat while they are trying to stay below the radar and make money.....

    That is what Tony Soprano did with Uncle Jr, LOL...
    All kidding aside it is done all the time.

    I don't understand why you keep printing that Sonny Black was killed because he proposed Donnie Brasco for membership?

    When Massino's own testimony stated he was killed because he was planning on trying to take over the family????

    This girl abuses this guy however; she rolled around in the sack with him??? What does that say about her??? LOL... What she was physically attracted to this guy??

  4. At that time Sonny and Joey had equal power under Rusty. Sonny was more widely respected and feared but Joey had Rustys ear and was able to visit him in jail while Sonny wasn't. I believe Joey was scared Sonny was going to make move on him so he made one first. The whole Brasco situation had no bearing on it. Tony & Lefty were the only ones who were going to pay for bringing him around.

  5. Ed, Massino has nothing to gain however; alot to lose by lying to the Feds, they were boarder line going to take after he flunked two lie detector tests.

    He had no choice but to come clean on everything if he was lying than why didn't Vitale, Lino,Coppla, Tranchera or Cantrella have conflicting versions.

    Those guys were all around back then.

    Also, you have to realize that back in the early 80's the main way to identify a body was through finger print records you cut off the hands hence very difficult maybe impossible to identify someone.


    In August, FBI surveillance noticed workmen dismantling Napolitano's pigeon coops atop the Motion Lounge. On August 12, 1982, a body was found at South Avenue and Bridge Street in Arlington, Staten Island, New York; the corpse's hands were severed and the face was so badly decomposed that dental records were required to verify the identity. The FBI announced that it had found the corpse of Dominick Napolitano. In 2000, however, they publicly revealed doubts about whether the corpse was correctly identified.

    In 2003, Bonanno boss Joseph Massino was arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, with the case centering around the murder of Napolitano. At Massino's trial, prosecutors claimed that Napolitano was killed by his associates for allowing his crew to be compromised, and that his hands had been removed as a warning to other mobsters to follow the rule about proper introductions (the association of shaking hands when being introduced to someone). Massino was convicted in 2004.

    In 2006, Frank Lino and Frank Coppa turned state's evidence, providing authorities with the details of Napolitano's murder.[3] Although the FBI were reasonably sure that the body found in Staten Island was Napolitano, one discrepancy existed: Lino claimed that he and Filocomo shot Napolitano with .38 caliber revolvers and that he himself had fired more than once. But the corpse only had one bullet wound, apparently made by a .45 caliber pistol. Coppa later said that Napolitano "died like a man".[4] Dominick "Sonny Black" Napolitano was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Queens. Pistone expressed some regret over Napolitano's fate; "My intention in all of this was to put people in jail, not get them killed."[5]


  6. So none of those Bonannos who flipped -- Vitale, Lino etc. -- none of them testified that Sonny Black was killed over Brasco?

    The feds never warned him? Where did the story originate, then, in the first place? If what you say is the case, OK, I'll buy it.

    So his body's still never been found, either?

    Sonny Black would've been boss material. He's one of a few mobsters I've read about and have respect for. Damn shame he was killed over that. He should've struck first. Massino built a rat ship for seagoing snitches.

  7. OK. I did a little research. I can buy that Massino killed Sonny Black for both reasons. Sal Vitale testified' " Vitale also tied Massino to the murder of Dominick (Sonny Black) Napolitano, who was killed for introducing undercover FBI Agent Donnie Brasco into the Bonanno family. "I went on a walk-talk with Joe Massino in Howard Beach [Queens], and he said, 'I have to give him a receipt for the Donnie Brasco situation,' " Vitale said. "I understood that to mean he wanted him dead.

  8. Who's the "Mustache Pete" you're referring to? Do you even know what the term means? He was born in the US.

  9. I heard that they're pressing Nicky Mouth for info he has related to crimes from another family. Why else for the lousy plea deal? A lot of talk about it in Queens, just sayin'.

  10. Yes, that's what I'm hearing. He's in for the long haul unless he talks. And if he talks, he's a dead man anyway. The DA really has him by the *alls this time. I have a feeling this trial will go the same way the Massino trial went. First a Boss flips then his former Underboss. The price you pay.


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