Blogs Keep Shilling for "Mob Wives"--Possible Sale Means Nothing to Fans

Jen Graziano, producer of "Mob Wives."
If the Weinsteins were to sell the television segment of the company, assets would include“Mob Wives” ... Some blogs are creating the impression this means the end for the show! But think about it -- would you spend a fortune on a reality show -- and then toss it? Does that make any kind of sense...?

They use a scrap of info from one blog -- The show's been filming for a few weeks -- but it is boring!

...And Alicia DiMichele quit! The fans want her back! So the producers want her back!

... And Renee Graziano hasn't even started filming yet because she's still promoting a book!

Just about anything positive related to Renee is spin -- 20 years in the media business, and I don't need a source to tell me that the "show is boring" schtick and "Renee hasn't appeared on film yet" are part of the spin machine, which has been furiously chatting her up ever since her popularity fell a notch when fans got to witness her psychotic behaviour in season four...

And no way is Alicia going to return to the show because her ass might wind up in prison as it is... It is amazing how some blogs live off this kind of crap! I'm jealous! Hell, I'd be the first one to admit that...

The Weinstein Company is mulling a possible spinoff of its television division -- possibly as soon as four to six weeks from now, a source close to the company told Variety.

The company will shop investment banks at next week's Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, then will decide how to proceed -- whether with a sale or public offering, the source added.

At present, the independent studio is producing 22 reality shows, seven scripted shows and has another handful of shows in development. Former Miramax head of production Meryl Poster is president of the television division.

Most of the company’s reality assets are smaller cable shows that don’t have much backend, making a public offering likely a longshot. Although there has been a recent boom in acquisitions of unscripted production companies, including Magical Elves, 495 Productions and Left Field Pictures, those companies benefited from having hands-on producers who could dive in and start producing shows. While Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of the company, has proven himself a savvy businessman outside the feature film world, the TV division does not have the same assets as some of the other companies that have sold recently. 
The television division launched three years ago. In recent months, four projects that began in film development were transferred over into television, as both series and miniseries, at Harvey Weinstein’s request. 
If Weinstein were to sell the television side of the company, assets would include shows like “Mob Wives” and “Project Runway,” the latter of which is now in its 13th season.