Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Instead of a hot little number blowing my readers a kiss to go along with my wish for a great 2012 to all my readers, friends and even enemies, I thought I'd offer you all something of more practical value.

So... From Reuters:  63 TV Marathons for New Year's Eve Weekend:

"Two days of Snooki and The Situation, family drama of both the old-fashioned ("The Waltons") and mobster ("The Sopranos") varieties, "Real Housewives" of every location, and every episode "The Walking Dead" are but a few of the 63 TV marathons awaiting you and your hangover, er, post-NYE celebration fatigue, this holiday weekend."

Check out the schedule at the hyperlink -- you'll have something to glance at while your New Year's Eve headache throbs like it'll pop your eyes out your head!

Alright, I'll include a pic, too... Drita!
Greg Antonacci

Also, a shout out to Greg Antonacci -- who, in addition to writing, producing and directing, stars in Boardwalk Empire as Johnny Torrio -- and also played on  The Sopranos  -- the last couple of seasons, at least -- as Butch Deconcini, Tony's tiny foil.

If you ever read this, Greg, that was me in Penn Station Friday, Dec. 30th,  morning... You were with I guess your son? You were wearing a hat, and jammed right there in the middle of the late-morning commuter crush in the LIRR section of Penn Station... I whispered loudly, if that's possible, a "hey!!" and gave a slight wave. Not meeting my eyes, you nodded your head... I could tell you were not into being recognized at that particular moment... so I hope my friendly greeting  preserved your anonymity!


  1. Who has jack whites cane (James Licavoli) it was on goodfellas4gods website
    Is it worth any money and who owns it?
    He was the mob boss that ordered Danny Greenes Hit,

    1. Don't know but the G4G website got a kick ass makeover (forgiver me, Minister Hovater!) You should check it out, I can't stop listening to Paul Sorvino's beatific rendition of Amazing Grace....check it out at:


  2. I understand it might go on eBay

  3. A lady by the name of Mildred Armenti was in possession of it before previous the previous owner
    She was a fortune teller in Clevelands little Italy And a good one I was told.

  4. The man that owns the cane is the founder of GOODFELLAS4 God Ministries


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