Renee Graziano's Ex Is a Rat, Puts Her Dad Back Inside

Hector Pagan
"The 'Mob Wives' yesterday found out that one of the cast members has been wearing a wire for the FBI," reports the

Hector “Junior” Pagan, the ex-husband of Renee Graziano, who was seen regularly on the hit reality series last year and was supposedly playing a prominent role in the upcoming season, "was reportedly flipped by the feds last summer," the Post reports.

Junior, fans of the show will recall, was picked up in January as part of the "big Mafia sweep" in the Northeast by the feds, who shortly afteward cut their resources focused on LCN.

And worse for the Graziano family, Pagan's first target was mob wife Renee and show creator Jennifer Graziano's dad, Bonanno crime family capo Anthony Graziano. Online mob newsletter reported that Pagan had been secretly taping conversations with the elder Graziano for the government.

According to reports in the Post story, Pagan — who was looking at a long prison term for armed robbery for his role in allegedly sticking up a high-stakes poker game — agreed to wear a wire and record conversations with his ex-father-in-law.

The tape reportedly caught the elder Graziano instructing Pagan to collect a $150,000 loanshark debt from an unidentified man.

Graziano, 71, recently finished a substantial prison sentence when he was arrested at home last week.

The sisters claimed last year that their father had cut off all contact with them because he did not approve of the TV show.

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  1. Wow! Renee can't catch a break can she...she is the main one talking about loyalty and being against rats and her ex-husband "supposedly" got her father got again. Don't get me wrong, I like Renee and I am completely against crime period so the fact that these scumbags are getting what they deserve makes me smile, but it's just so weird how he was brought in the family and turned on them. I wonder if Renee would consider her reconciliation with her ex- or move on for good. I know Renee father has disowned them but Wow! I wonder how this will further damage their relationship. People need to realize at the end of the day no matter what you will eventually get caught!

  2. Ha ha that drama queen got what she deserved.

  3. I have NEVER heard anyone mention her older sister Lana or Lana's ex husband Porky. Why? the answer is obvious, Lana would beat down ALL OF THEM at once, and Porky was ALWAYS,with TG from day one. How do I know? I was there too!

  4. Junior was a piece of shit from day one. Nobody liked him and he was tolerated because he married Renee. TG protected him and put him in spots to earn. He lasted this long for 1 reason, TG. NOW that is over. If ever seen again he will be gone. SNITCHES GET STICHES, RATS GET BATS!

  5. What goes around comes around....good luck junior....

  6. Why all this hate towards Renee when she was born and grown into this lifestyle?? This woman is real and all her actions have a link with the way she was raised. She is so loyal i mean it's so obvious. She refuses to talk to Karen at episode 1 season 1 just because of the loyalty to her father. That's why she sticks by Junior too. She needs help real quick or she might end up doing much harm to herself and consequently - her son.

  7. What a F@%#. I can't even imagine. Pussy couldn't do his own time so he had to rat on an oldman. I read bout this on a while back. I love the show I feel bad for Renee and her son.

  8. I would like to first say Blessings to you Renee. So many don't understand what it's like to become born into, "The Mob Life." This family is taught to keep your mouth shut if you like the home you sleep in, the clothes you wear, and the food on your plate. I knew this show was not a good idea, however I know for others to learn the hardship of what these woman go through isn't about the fine things in life. You lose Family, or a mate or the man of your children. Life isn't peaches and cream it's harsh and each day of friendship with others you have to have pure trust that they too follow this lifestyle of keeping your mouth shut in protection of your own children including your life. I was not born into this lifestyle I was Married into a family member who was one and once you are trapped into this, you keep your mouth shut. It's not like some teenage thing where you have to prove your self worth to become a gang member. It's a lifestyle that you are placed into and or married into it and you can either become as one or just ride the life out that you have to face. Renee was born into this lifestyle. She fell in love with a {Non Mobster) as she was trying to move on having a family life without fear. Junior allowed himself to turn towards this Mob life and you're all talking shit about Renee? Seriously if you put your nose into this storyline and you judge against loyalty of keeping your mouth shut in order to survive I would only have to think your too weak and you would speak up about this lifestyle and you would become dead. How do you like that ending? It's a no win situation and unless you lived this life or married into it your words is like spit of a camel. Blessings goes out to Renee & her son.

  9. Junior core que te buscan!!RATON


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