Mob Wife Renee Graziano Gracing Next 'Mob Candy' Cover -- Autographed Copies Available

Renee Graziano offers a revealing profile of herself in an
upcoming issue of 'Mob Candy' magazine.
Appearing on the cover of the next installment of 'Mob Candy' magazine is none other than reality TV's favorite mob wife -- or one of them, anyway -- Renee Graziano, daughter of Anthony Graziano, a high-ranking member of the Bonanno crime family who was returned to prison thanks to Renee's ex-husband, who joined Team America.

"(The Renee Issue) will reveal a sneak look at her new body... and an in-depth look inside" the mob wife's mind, reports MafiaLife Chris on the

Yes, it seems Renee has gone under the knife to have a butt lift, among other things.

According to "'Mob Wives' star Renee Graziano plans to kick off next season with a LOT more booty -- telling TMZ, she went under the knife yesterday ... for a $30,000 full-body surgery, including a massive ASS LIFT.

"Renee says she was a little nervous about the 5-hour procedure -- but gave it a lot of thought, and ultimately decided to take the plunge. According to Renee, the 'full-body lift' also includes a tummy tuck," reports, adding that Renee "tells us she's not getting the surgery because she's self-conscious -- she's getting it because she gained a lot of weight since Season One ... and she's always wanted junk in her trunk.

"According to Renee, the show had nothing to do with the procedure -- "Mob Wives" didn't pressure her to get the work done ... and they didn't pay for it either.

"The recovery time for such major surgery takes about 10 days -- but once she's in the clear, Renee tells us, she can't wait to get naked," writes

As for Mob Candy, MafiaLifeChris writes, "The [Renee issue] will be in stores some time during the next season of Mob Wives, which we are told will be starting January 1st. You do not want to miss this season; it’s going to our mob last season for sure. Check out the super trailer," which is on the CNNews site, below on this page.

Those interested can pre-order a copy now at Renee Graziano will autograph the pre-ordered copies of the magazine, and MafiaLifeChris will distributes some signed copies via Twitter and Facebook.

"Follow me at and/or ‘like’ me on Facebook at and be ready," he writes. There may be a 'Mob Wives' trivia contest to determine who gets free signed copies.


  1. Yea, why "would" everybody still be down in the mouth about Sammy Gravano?? Everybody and their brothers and sisters has a book, tv show, ect. ect. about the mob..WTF !! Anyway, so because their making big bucks for this "shit" that makes it ok?? Well Hell I thought there wasn't any mob!! Sure is plenty of it now uh??


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