The House at 431 Lake Street -- Today

This is the house as it appears today where the Colombo hit squad shot down the
Perainos, former partners in crime who backed the porno film "Deep Throat."

Ephemeral New York is a blog devoted to "Chronicling an ever-changing city through faded and forgotten artifacts." The site recently ran a story on what we call "The Deep Throat Murders," in which the Colombo family sought to tighten up management and increase its portion of the revenue generated by the infamous XXX-rated film Deep Throat, which family cohorts the Perainos had backed and from which they were taking more than their fair share of the proceeds.

"The story includes a photo of the house... that stands today at the address where a Colombo hit team tried to whack the Peraino father and son team."

What is interesting is the story includes a photo of the house, or at least the house that stands today at the address where a Colombo hit team tried to whack the Peraino father and son team (they killed the son and paralyzed the father; a former nun, who lived within the house at the time, met her demise as well).

Colombo boss Persico did
not like people to steal from
him; didn't like it at all.
The house, as we noted, was chosen for a specific reason. "Back in January of 1982, [Big Sal] Miciotta claimed, once given his fatal assignment, he searched for a house with a big front porch that was enclosed, which would serve as a death trap for the thieving [Peraino] father and son.

"The Perainos arrived at the scene believing they were attending another of the countless meetings they regularly had with the Colombo bosses, who knew they were getting ripped off; the Perainos, who must've thought they were smarter than they were, didn't know that the bosses knew, of course. Bosses always seem to find things out -- especially when it comes to money they are not getting."

Ephemeral New York  includes its own version of the story of the shooting, though it does make some errors, such as reporting that Tommy Shots was one of the shooters, when he most likely was up the block in a crash car. Also, the Perainos didn't flee to the house at 431 Lake Street as noted in the below story; they were lured there on purpose because it was a choice place to carry out a hit as we noted above in the quote -- italicized and boldfaced for emphasis. (We recommend you read our story, here, for a more factual-based version.)

From Ephemeral New York: 

It happened on January 4, 1982. According to federal prosecutors, Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli and some Colombo family cronies tried to knock off Joseph Peraino Sr. and Joseph Peraino Jr. on a Gravesend street.

The Perainos were fellow mobsters accused of stealing profits for the mob-financed porn classic Deep Throat.

Apparently the Perainos saw the hit men coming. They fled in the opposite direction, taking shelter on the porch at 431 Lake Street (below), reports a 1999 Village Voice article.

The hit men fired several shots on the porch, killing the younger Peraino and paralyzing his father.

They weren’t the only ones left for dead. A bullet went through the front door and cut down Veronica Zuraw, a 53-year-old ex-nun who lived in the house with her accountant husband.

Zuraw, known as Sister Adelaide when she was part of the Brooklyn Diocese, had been folding laundry when she heard banging on her door.

She was on her way to see what the commotion was when she was struck.

Gioeli adamantly denied killing Zuraw and has never been charged with her death—though a mob informant reportedly said Gioeli feared he was going to hell for murdering an ex-nun.

He stood trial this spring for a host of other crimes, including murder, but was only convicted of racketeering.