Jodi Arias Had the Mettle of a Murder Inc. Hitman

Jodi the blond, before the first-degree murder of ex-boyfriend
Travis Alexander.

I have been following the case of that psycho Jodi Arias for some time -- those of you who don't know of her, she has nothing to do with the mob (although she would've had a great career as one of Anastasia's hitters back in the days of Murder Inc.), but is a figure whom I think many of you will find interesting nevertheless; she is now on trial for murdering her boyfriend on June 4, 2008, at his home in Mesa, Arizona, stabbing him 29 times, slitting his throat, and a shooting him in the head.

I found this story about Jodi on a blog I had never before heard of, -- and wanted to pass it on to you all to read. [Note: This is how you backlink to a story, Ms. Mob Wives Freeish Info!]

From, written by Paula Uruburu, author of American Eve:

Jodi's new look: a jury is watching now, you know.
Forgive me but I couldn’t resist. I borrowed my title from what was apparently a blog belonging to none other than Jody Arias, circa May 2008, written only a few months before she savagely murdered Travis Alexander, the man she continues to claim she loves? Or loved? I’m not sure which is correct, since her story shifts as often as her tenses — and her eyes while being cross-examined about what happened that terrible day five years ago. Even after finally admitting to having stabbed Alexander 29 times, to having slit his throat from ear to ear, to having shot him in the head, the persona that the former provocatively-dressed-bottle-blonde has adopted — a reinvented, buttoned-up, colorless mousy faux-Mormon martyr in ugly glasses, now claims that virtually all of her actions before, during, and after the butchery of Alexander, were done with his best interests at heart. Really? Does that include depicting him as being an abuser and a pedophile? And now, torturing his family with a story the dead man cannot defend himself against?

It took her several years to get to this point – I have lost count of the number of lies she has told, beginning with “I wasn’t there” to the ludicrous story of two ninjas (has anyone actually ever seen a ninja outside the movies?)– and because I am not familiar with the specific tenets of Mormonism, I confess that I am speaking from a more catholic point of view. But let me just say that if the sin of omission counts, she is well on her way to hell. The order of actions by which she attacked Travis Alexander in gruesome degrees was the subject of a significant portion of her infuriating yet oddly fascinating testimony on the stand over the last two and a half weeks.

One of many questions I have is how a bullet casing could have fallen on top of a dried puddle of blood if she shot him before the stabbing and slicing. But I digress. I am not a psychiatrist or a lawyer, but I am a student of human nature and criminal behavior, and I know a sociopath when I see one. Put aside for the moment her chameleon-like ability to alter her memory (like her looks) to suit her needs, her constant manipulation of language (she misuses words like edify when she thinks she’s being smart), her lack of empathy and flat affect, her narcissism and pattern of stalking behavior prior to the murder, or her deliberate attempts to cover her tracks after the fact (sending texts to the man she left in his shower to rot).

Is there anything more infuriating and insensitive than sending flowers to Travis Alexander’s grandmother? To referring on the stand to his “passing away” when in reality she was the one who butchered him (after making sure he was as vulnerable as possible — without raising his suspicions — virtually assuring that his movements would be constricted by being wet and naked and unsuspecting in a shower stall while she was fully-dressed and armed and on solid footing?)...

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