A Little Girl Wants Her Dad

A reader with whom I have been corresponding asked if I would publish a letter she'd written to her father, who she believes may see it here. She is hoping he will read this and contact her. If someone would like to contact Jennifer, or ask me for more details, please email me at eddie2843@gmail.com. Ed Scarpo.

Dear Dad,

My mom’s name is Debra A----- and her father’s name is Peter A-----.

I was born in the Bronx at Misericordia Hospital in 1972.  The Hospital is now known as Our Lady of Mercy Hospital.  I was given the name Jennifer and, I grew up in Selden Long Island.  The school that I attended was Infant Jesus in Port Jefferson Long Island.  I later attended St. Johns University in Queens New York.

I was told at an early age that I was adopted.  My childhood and, my life was good.  As I grew up throughout the years there was always a feeling of a loss.  At times it felt like an important part of me was missing.  I realized that special missing part of me happens to be my biological dad.

 I spent a lot of nights lying awake wondering if my dad was anything like me.  I wanted to know if he had the same interests such as watching boxing and, playing cards.  Did my dad love to socialize and, be the life of the party?  Dad are you soft spoken or do you prefer to take the direct approach?  I even wondered about silly things in my life.  I often thought about if my dad spent as much time in detention as I did in school.  I even used to wonder if certain things would also drive him crazy.  When someone would chew on hard candy continuously?  I always wanted to know if the same thoughts would cross my dad’s mind.

Dad even though you were not in my life physically.  There was never a holiday or special occasion that you were not on my mind.  I have always kept you in my heart and, all of my prayers.  I never gave up hope that one day I would get to meet you in person.    I would be able to look into my dad’s eyes and, say I am Jennifer your daughter.


  1. I truly hope and pray she finds her biological dad.The young lady should know that the people who raised her although not biological parents ARE her parents. She states she had a wonderful upbringing which leads me to believe that her parents did all they could to make her feel LOVED.I have an adopted son,he just turn nine and for nine years my love for him grows more than the day before.To the young lady, I wish her well, But please hug your parents let them always know how much you love them.


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