The Question Arises: Will Nicodemo Testify

According to Big Trial | Philadelphia Trial Blog "Assistant District Attorney Brian Zarallo could wrap up his case tomorrow. Court does not meet on Friday. That would set the stage for what might be the biggest decision in [Anthony] Nicodemo's life. Does he take the stand in his own defense?

"A gag ordered imposed by Judge Jeffrey Minehart bars Zarallo and defense attorney Brian McMonagle from commenting about the proceedings. Several sources, however, say that McMonagle has not decided if he will put his client on the stand when the defense portion of the trial begins sometime next week.

"The case against Nicodemo is entirely circumstantial but the evidence linking him to the crime is difficult to ignore or explain away...."

A commenter pointed our attention to the fact that the comments section had been shut off over at Big Trial. We took a peek; sure enough, we read:

Please note: Because past stories about organized crime have sparked vile personal postings from a few readers, the comment section on this blog site has been blocked.

As noted earlier, Zarallo told the jury that the evidence would show that Gino DiPietro, 50, was "executed in the street" and that Nicodemo's job was to drive him and toss the gun. Nicodemo was involved in a "conspiracy to assassinate" DiPietro, and that as the driver, he was just as guilty as the shooter.

What has not been offered is a motive for the slaying; juries tend to want motives. Still, it is difficult to see how they could ignore the obvious evidence (the gun used in the murder was found in Nicodemo's car, and an incriminating burn phone was located in the house).

Zarallo said the evidence would be sufficient to find Nicodemo guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. He faces 30 years to life if convicted of the first degree murder charge. He is also facing conspiracy and weapons charges.

Previously Anastasia has written on Philadelphia Trial Blog that Nicodemo has been identified by New Jersey authorities as a suspect in the 2003 murder of mobster John "Johnny Gongs" Casasanto, one of three unsolved murders that occurred during Ligambi's reign.

Further, law enforcement sources have indicated that Nicodemo could work a deal by giving up what he knows about the Casasanto murder and other acts of violence that authorities believe are linked to mob boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi and his top associates.

Anastasia also wrote: "One underworld source predicted that Nicodemo would take his chances by going to trial for the DiPietro slaying, but would cut a deal if he were convicted.

"If he blows trial, he'll start talking," the source said.


  1. Yeah, he will rat, just like the rest of the pussies. Why even get involved in organized crime if all you're gonna do is flip when you're faced with hard prison time? Pathetic rats, the lot of them.

    1. He does a hit that wasnt sanction on his own he should do the time he wanted to be a tougj guy deal with it me my self am a bookie doy own collections if i got a problem take care of it my self dont wanna be with any body had a couple people try to make me pay taxes didnt work out to well for them i get jamed up ill do my own time but im not doing any time for no crew or any body else cant trust anybody fuck. Em

    2. I always wanted to meet you, you are by far the toughest man in the world, keyboard gangster if they want you to pay a tax then you will pay

    3. No not a tough guy just good at the bussiness without being in it and if ur a So philly boy u already meant me i live there

    4. 2up
      Also u know so much if u know one of them guys or are related u know u dont have to pay taxes he just says ur with him. But u are right if u dont have that relationship then u will pay somthing see ya at the diner or on the corner tough guy

  2. If he was gonna flip, wouldn't he have done that already? Why wait?

  3. He hits the street he.s a dead man any way so u tell me what he should do really want to hear ur opinion on this one

  4. Who wants to do time for these slap dicks u be a stand up guy nibidy takes care of ur family espeacialy if ur doing life if ur wife isnt bad looking they take turns knocking the bung out of her asshole while ur being a stand up guy fuck them ill take my chances

  5. I accidentally deleted a comment - someone wrote: if he's gonna flip, why didn't he do it already. Because he could win the trial, is my answer. Why flip if he doesn't have to.

  6. If he gets 20 years he will flip and when he does I hope he rolls on the guys who brought this imbecile into their family. Who drives their own car to a murder in broad day light doesn't get rid of the gun or the burner he used to plan the hit and drives directly home afterwards !?!?!?!?! How about this....if he beats the case I hope whoever the boss is in Philly has him whacked a year later.

    1. Hi i been labeled tough guy key board guy trust me he gets out BOSS BOY GEORGE BORGESI WILL try to have him whacked . Most of this crew will do 5 or 10 yr bits but 20 to life is.nt gonna happen Funzi no matter how tough they are i know i wouldnt do life for sombody elses mistakes

    2. There has gotta be a great story behind this hit. A cooperator is hit in broad daylight while getting in his truck. Either he wasn't supposed to make that trip or somebody wanted to screw Uncle Joe. Nicodemo was sacrificed. How did the shooter get away? If they know his friggin name, where is he?? Did he run?

    3. asumeing it was Dominic Grande Dipietro was a drug dealer nicodemo must have been partners and found out Dipietro was talking. again were all assuming any way he.s fucked if he wins or if he loses no body gave permission for that hit

    4. ED Said there was a mistrial big police presence so he.s ready to talk to feds relocating wife and kids as we speak in wittness protection

  7. Its looking like juror tampering he.s not ready to talk yet ED they have let three go trial not even a week old George A has a Article at Big trial. Net comments are closed though

    1. I notice patterns in comments. I know when my best friend/chief adversary Funzi is commenting anonymously; I think even he'd agree. In fact: FUNZI - was that who asked me about the Italian names of Ndrangheta members indicted in NEW BRIDGE? Anyway, as for you, I noticed your "tell," which you'll probably stop using now if I point it out, so I won't point it out. I know who you are...did you get the phone call at 8? You wrote this comment in the wrong place. This comment belongs in the story "Why Can't We Know Why?" in which I note, at the top:

      The question "why?" will be hotly debated, as only a tantalizing hint of the cause of the mistrial was revealed via the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, which issues a statement pinning the mistrial on "issues involving a juror." The prosecution had rested its case and the defense was to commence this morning. The timing is interesting...."

      Yes, I am aware what it looks like. I don't care what it looks like, I care what it is. And if they don't tell us, here in America, I have every right to speculate.

      If they were serious about this case, where is Grande? They want Uncle Joe; getting Nicodemo, in the grand scheme of things, is worth virtually nothing.

    2. Ed, this was not me.

      Anonymous May 16, 2014 at 10:11 AM
      I noticed that some Italian names in your article have been translated into English. Be nice if we could see the real names.

      I don't need translations in either direction and I won't take any offense at the chief adversary comment hahahahaa. I understand my Brooklyn-ness doesn't translate well online but you are correct I do comment anonymously from time to time.


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