Rep. Grimm Kept Wiseguy "Mikey Suits" Alter Ego

Why so Grimm, Mikey Suits?
So that probably was him with the comments!

From the NY Daily News: "Meet Congressman Mikey Suits.

Rep. Michael Grimm, who posed as a mobbed-up stockbroker named Michael (Mikey Suits) Garabaldi while working undercover for the FBI, kept his wise-guy alter ego even after entering Congress, newly unsealed federal documents show.

Grimm’s cell phone was listed under a “Michael Garibaldi of Centurian Consulting” as recently as 2012, when prosecutors sought a court order for permission to track all his calls, the documents show.

The embattled Staten Island Republican, who is now under federal indictment, used the phone as his primary number as recently as last year, and even received mail addressed to a Michael Garibaldi, a source told The Daily News.

Grimm, his spokesman and his lawyer did not respond to questions Wednesday about why he used the alias more than six years after leaving the FBI — and for at least two years after entering the U.S. House in January 2011.

In his FBI role as Michael Garibaldi — nicknamed Mikey Suits for his spiffy dress — Grimm portrayed a shady Wall Street trader who ran a hedge fund, Centurian Consulting."

He used fake mob ties and informants to investigate insider trading schemes in a case called Operation Wooden Nickel more than a decade ago.

Grimm was charged last month in a 20-count federal indictment accusing him of evading taxes and employing undocumented immigrants at an Upper East Side health food eatery he ran after leaving the FBI.

Grimm says the charges are false."


  1. I wouldn't bet against it!

  2. If they arrested all the officials not documenting immigrants and behind on taxes half the senate and house of representatives would be empty

  3. Ironically... and I apologize if you've already covered this... but the reporter Grimm threatened in the now infamous video depicting same was Michael Scotto, apparently the nephew (or great nephew) of Anthony Scotto, Gambino Capo and former king of the docks.


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