Natalie Guercio Affirms Publicly Her Support of Alicia DiMichele

Nat Guercio shows some love...
Needed something upbeat... Stories I am researching -- Ontario Mafia wars, my nasty Open Letter to Frank Lino, and Anastasia's last day (some unusual things happened in the hours before Don Umberto's last shave and haircut that offer insight into a possible motive other than the historic ones) -- are pretty damn depressing. I mean, let's face it, some of these guys were regular mass murderers...

Needed something a little lighter for now, cause, folks, this site is going to get much darker pretty soon....

These are difficult time for Alicia DiMichele (seems she's dropped the "Garofalo") and one of her friends--and one of our favorite members of the "Mob Wives" cast, Natalie Guercio--showed her support very publicly via social media, according to a blog that must have a lot of time on its hand to eyeball the ceaseless stream of social media traffic (we thank them for their efforts, and link and credit them accordingly, as always).

iRealHousewives: Mob Wives Star Natalie Guercio Shows Her Support To Alicia DiMichele: "Natalie writes: "Alicia had a story to be told. Her own story and she did it with class. Alicia has inspired so many young women around the world, including myself, with her strength, courage and her will to fight and survive. Alicia has started her own movement of women empowering women, becoming a positive influence for today's youth. She did what she set out to do, now it's time for her to focus on herself and her family. I'm very proud of her and support her in her decision. "FAMILY OVER EVERYTHING" Love u Leesh ❤️�� @aliciadimichele"


  1. How can alicia who admitted on national tv that she did the crime but now withdraws her guilty plea? This woman made a lot of mistakes. Btw when natalie said alicia is a role model for women to be independent?! Lol these mobwives like the luxury of the criminal proceeds but complain when they get arrested? Hilarious.

  2. A lawyer told me the goverment wins all there cases 95% out of a hundred! She has no shot to win her case.

  3. To the above poster. The Government conviction rate might even be higher. There are no scary words in the world then The United States of America Vs._______ insert name.

  4. Damn straight. You're talking serious legal fees; times like these I thank mysel I've always followed the straight and narrow. Writing this stuff from a distance, I sometimes forget...


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