Real Mob Wife Takes Us Inside "Mob Wives"

An anonymous source who knows a lot about VH1's Mob Wives cast members recently contacted us.

What annoys her (she's a true "Mob Wife") is the idea that some of the women on Mob Wives may actually serve as role models for young women.

"First off, understand: They are not Mob Wives. None of them."

The "old" cast is new... almost.

"They are all liars and everyone on Staten Island has no respect for them. And how they chased her father because of the show!

Our source was in talks to appear on the show, earlier in its run. Her efforts never panned out.

She realized that they probably would have wanted her to provoke a feud with one of the other women. 

"Then I'd have to beat her brains in on national TV and I and my family said I've always carried myself with class and dignity. I don't act like that."

We agree. We don't like women fighting each other. Think of the manicured nails!

"No Italian guy will go near them!" our source added. "They are slobs who have been locked up, who are on drugs and who sleep with married men for years.

"They sell their souls for cash! I was brought up in a different environment. The men in my family were real classy and real old time.

"I don't play their game, they were girls I knew but were never my friends, or even acquaintances, if you will."

The sexy Love....

Remember the hubbub about Love?
"Carla was suing them, Renee, Love and Jen, she went crying to VH1. Now she's going to be back on the show. Frauds all of them.

"Renee lied about going to rehab. She never went. Liar.

"They fired Love for beating up Carla but that's why they hired her ... then Jen and her partner were supposedly robbing money from Vh1 and they threw Love under the bus because the rat Carla was gonna sue them.

"And Renee's father from the streets is no longer involved, they threw him to the dogs because he allows his daughters to do the show.

"So these are the women young girls should look up to. 

"Karen arrested for drugs, Jennifer arrested for drugs, Renee is on junk and slept with married men. Carla is a slob who slept with married men and ex-husbands for years. 

"Drita I don't know.

"So my point here is, enough with idolizing trash. Oh and none are mob wives! Ok I'm done."


  1. This blog is, in a way, a similar role model by the way it chronicles , discusses, and indirectly celebrates the machinations of organized crime. No?

  2. DAYUM! So Renee talks about Carla sleeping with married men & she does it herself! Yes Love did exactly what she was hired to do! Which was sad, then they hired another nut to do the same thing! I don't blame Carla for threatening a law suit, but then again, why would she come back?

  3. Is that Toni Marie Ricci? She really is going in Carla. Carla may or may not have slept with her husband, but didn't he leave her for another woman & had a baby by her while he was still married to Toni & is still married to this very day? Dayum all she does is talk bad about Carla but, doesn't even mention the real husband stealer!

  4. They can't cancel that show fast enough....I guess only in my dreams...

  5. I disagree. Seriously, can you give me one example of where I celebrate Cosa Nostra? Lot of people have that perception, which is why I use a pseudonym.

  6. To not 'celebrate' organized crime would be to eliminate this blog and all kinds like. Eliminate books and movies like Godfather, Sopranos, etc.
    In silence is where organized crime will flourish like it once did.

  7. I enjoyed seeing in print what's been open secrets since day 1. And much Respect for the Wife who shared ~ I don't care WHO she is

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  13. Way too much internet gangsters. No disrespect to anyone but everyone should stay in their lane and respect each other because 99% of people on here won't bust a grape in a fruit fight. You can respectfully disagree with each other but all this tough tony shit is getting carried away. If anyone has a problem with this.... You can catch me on Bloomfield ave in Newark or cianci st, downtown paterson. No threats made. But I know some jerkoff is bound to talk foolish.

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  15. your so mean! I cant believe you would say such awful things..I will say you sound like quite the bad ass tough guy, I bet your the toughest guy in your parents basement! and fyi just tracked your IP Joey WILL BE in touch, we know where you are alan betts, we know where you are

  16. So what? You are absolutely ridiculous.

  17. This guy is a faccia di merda.

  18. Yeah, I know who it is too!

  19. Wow I couldn't agree more. Are you sure this wasn't myself who said all this. I honestly feel this woman took the words out of my mouth. I was brought up the exact same way. I was asked to be on as well but when I represented myself and what I stood for there was no interest. I would never make a spectacle of myself and embarass my family name. Guess I didn't make for good T.V. lol
    oh well.....


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