Skinny Joey: Feds "Wanted to Stick It Up My Ass"

They tried to stick it up Merlino's ass, he said.....

From Big Trial: "They owe me four months," Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino quipped during a phone interview this afternoon, adding, "I hope they just leave me alone. I'm not doing anything wrong."

Last month, when the appellate court announced it was vacating the lower court order that sent Merlino back to jail, his lawyer, Edwin Jacobs Jr. declared that "my client has served a four-month sentence for doing absolutely nothing wrong."

But that's not exactly the legal takeaway from the split decision of the appellate court that was made public today.

Merlino is back in Boca Raton where he is the front man for a posh Italian restaurant called Merlino's.

The appellate court never took up the broader defense argument that there was not sufficient evidence to support the allegation that Merlino had knowingly consorted with fellow South Philadelphia mobster John Ciancaglini in a Boca Raton cigar bar while on supervised release.

Instead, in a split 2-to-1 decision, the appellate judges found that Merlino had not been served a summons prior to the expiration of his three-year probation period and as a result, the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia no longer had jurisdiction.

Timing is everything. And in this case, the feds dropped the ball.

The irony is that they had plenty of time to meet the deadline, but opted instead to wait until the last minute to cite Merlino, a strategy that has been employed in other cases in the past and one that defense attorneys and defendants deem petty and personal.

"They wanted to stick it up my ass," Merlino said of the decision to file a probation violation charge literally at the 11th hour.

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  1. The Government wants everybody else to play by the rules but they can bend and break them anytime they want and theres no repercussions . Philly

  2. Joey sounds surprised they wanted to stick it up his ass, he did 14 yrs for stealing containers full of baby food from the docks, that's all they basically got him for along with extorting a couple guys downtown, he knows better than anyone the Feds won't stop with him until he's in jail or dead, he brought this on himself, he wants nothing but to be another Gotti, he loves the attention, his motto is, 'What's the sense of being a gangster if nobody knows it'

  3. Joey if you should be reading this. I plan on bringing the family to Merlino's I've heard good things. No we do not know one another. Good Luck in FL more sharks on land then in the water. Too many rodents in South FL. I wouldn't even J walk. The state down here are worse than the Feds.


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