Considering the Mob's Sartorial Splendor

Esquire, in an article on clothing the Goodfellas wore, called the shirt, simply, The Point Collar Shirt.
"This ultra-long and narrow point collar bucks convention and is a total stand-out," as Esquire noted.

Clothing is deeply associated with the Mafia for many of us. Films like Goodfellas are acclaimed, in part, due to their attention to detail. That includes the clothing the gangsters wore during the period when the film's events took place.

Those shirts with the big-ass, tapered collars worn in Goodfellas were cool; quite dated looking, but cool. Esquire, in an article on clothing the Goodfellas wore, agreed, calling the shirt, simply, The Point Collar Shirt,"a thoroughly old school look we'd love to see come back into fashion." I also liked the camel coat Ray Liotta as Henry Hill wore in the film, of which Esquire said: "The camel coat has long been a staple of the distinguished man's wardrobe, a luxury item that instantly denotes sophistication and refinement."

I read tons of blogs about every conceivable topic. Occasionally I come across one that covers an aspect of organized crime -- and one of the more refreshing twists on the topic (you will see this blog's link included in my Recommended list) is BAMF Style: Dress like a man. ... I assume you all know that a BAMF is a bad-ass mother f---er, of course!! 

The blogger writes about the clothing worn by those cool cats on the big screen. Probably James Bond would be the blog's patron saint, but I'm a little older than the blogger so I'm not sure he'd agree. 
As the writer says in the blog's about section:

Part of being a straight man is that I am pretty clueless when it comes to knowing what to wear. Hate to stereotype, but it’s pretty much the truth. 

Luckily for us, there are BAMFs in movies and TV that people are paid to make look awesome. Naturally, the best way to attract women is to try and emulate these BAMFs down to the last detail....

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His latest post focuses on the the suit worn by Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti during his induction into the Mafia as a soldier in Tony Soprano's crew. The episode, Fortunate Son, ran on March 11, 2001. It's not just about the clothing either. This blogger knows his stuff and knows how to write. I enjoy the blog immensely. 

"Shoot ya cuffs," Paulie tells Christopher
before going for the ride of his life.

Here's a lead-in:
This suit had been requested a few weeks ago, and – as both a huge fan of The Sopranos and a kindred spirit of the tragic Christopher Moltisanti character – I was more than pleased to delve a little deeper into the suit and scene where Christopher finally “gets his button” for Mafia Monday. 

Christopher’s two passions – the Mafia and the movies – come to yet another head in “Fortunate Son” when he finally receives the call to look sharp and be ready in an hour… he’s getting made. Having decided a season earlier in “D-Girl” to pass up his dream of a career in Hollywood (although it’s dubious that his misspelled screenplays would have turned any heads), Christopher is finally given the opportunity to dedicate his life to the most infamous criminal organization in America. Despite his excitement, Chris’ habit for watching too many movies keeps him on his toes and especially wary of any of his fellow Mafioso riding behind him during the journey. 

Silvio chides him for it (“He sat on one asscheek the whole way over!”), but many real-life mob associates have been summoned to secret ceremonies only to never be seen alive again. 

Luckily for Christopher, this was a genuine summons and he soon finds himself happily embraced by Tony Soprano in a New Jersey basement....

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