Bad Blood Coming to TV This Summer

Bad Blood: The Vito Rizzuto Story

That's the title of a "limited event" television series debuting on FX this summer. It consists of six 60-minute episodes.

"Inspired by reputed mobster Vito Rizzuto," the show stars Anthony LaPaglia (Analyze This sequel Analyze That) as Vito Rizzuto and Paul Sorvino from Goodfellas as Nico (Nicolo) Rizzuto, Vito's father.

Bad Blood was filmed in Montreal and Sudbury, the largest city in Northern Ontario, Canada. The story used as its source the best-selling book by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards, Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War. (Business would've benefited from a more-vigorous fact-check; The Sixth Family by Adrian Humphreys and Lee Lamothe is the book about the Rizzutos, with landmark research. Another good book is Andre Cedillot's Mafia Inc.: The Long, Bloody Reign of Canada's Sicilian Clan.)

Rogers Media announced Thursday that principal photography for the show was finished. The content includes a focus on Vito's imprisonment in Colorado’s Supermax Prison for the murders of three Bonanno crime family members in 1981; the so-called "Sonny Red Trifecta," as one source described the brutal basement rubouts.

Paul Sorvino plays Nico Rizzuto and Anthony LaPaglia stars as Vito Rizzuto

"Rizzuto watches helplessly as the thriving empire he built is dismantled, and his closest friends and family members are mysteriously murdered one by one."

Rizzuto lost his father and one of his sons while in prison, and avenging their deaths was his key mission in life once he finally returned to Montreal. Or: "When Rizzuto is finally released from prison, a Shakespearean-level revenge tale plays out –leading to the brutal murders of his closest companions, and ultimately the death of Rizzuto himself. Rizzuto allegedly died of cancer, however; he wasn't killed as part of the war, at least as far as is currently known.

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Bad Blood: The Vito Rizzuto Story is produced by New Metric Media, Sphere Media and DHX Media.

Writers and Executive Producers are Michael Konyves (Barney’s Version) and Simon Barry (Van Helsing).

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