Dumb and Dumber: Wannabe on Trial in NJ for "Ordering" Axe Murder

What happens when two morons watch too many Sopranos episodes and one of them orders a murder?

An innocent man dies an unimaginably brutal death, and one moron gets 30 years in prison and agrees to testify against the other moron at a trial to resume today in New Jersey.

Text messages displayed at trial.

We don't mean to make light of a murder, we are simply forever dumbfounded by the breathtaking stupidity of some people.

The murderer, Daniel Medaglia, and the victim, Kelvin Dumo, were longtime friends. But in 2011, Medaglia had a close confidant who claimed to have serious mob ties. (Specifically, to a Genovese capo in New Jersey.)

The "connected" guy, Michael Doce, claimed that Dumo was a snitch who "needed to be taken care of." Medaglia had to do "the work" because Medaglia had brought the 28-year-old Dumo into Doce's life. This is according to Medaglia's second day of testimony in Middlesex County Superior Court last week.

Michael Doce

in November 2011, Medaglia took Dumo to a marine terminal in Sayreville, N.J., and bludgeoned him to death with a pickaxe.

Medaglia, 32, copped to the crime and was handed a 30-year prison sentence as per a deal with prosecutors that requires him to testify against Doce, who masterminded Dumo's killing, prosecutors allege.

Doce faces murder and conspiracy charges. He claims via his defense attorney, Eric Breslin, that he was only "playing games" with Medaglia, and that he never meant to hurt anyone.

Medaglia, the state's key witness against Doce, has detailed the months leading up to the murder.

Medaglia testified that he believed Doce was a made member of the New Jersey Mafia capable of setting him up with a better life. He wanted to impress Doce, but he also feared him, Medaglia said.

"I was afraid I'd be murdered," Medaglia told the jury.

The trial is expected to last around five weeks.