Adrian Humphreys Replies, Offers Clarification on "Undercover Agent"

Adrian Humphreys contacted us and helped clarify some confusion we wrote about resulting from our interpretation of two seemingly contradictory news reports.

Ken Murdock assassinated Johnny Pops for pocket change.....

The reports, by Humphreys of Canada's National Post and Jerry Capeci of Gang Land News, actually complement each other.

The term "undercover agent" apparently is used less formally in Canada than in America.

As Humphreys noted:

"In Canada, the term police agent means someone who is paid and directed by law enforcement but is not a sworn officer. We don't have agents like FBI agents up here, our cops are officers, even our federal cops.

"So when I refer to an undercover agent or police agent, I mean a non-law enforcement officer acting at the direction of the police -- in other words a fink. So I think Jerry and I are saying the same thing."

Thank you, Adrian Humphreys.
His latest story details how an infamous mob shooter who killed three and finished up a life sentence was tossed back into jail for his "threatening" social media messages.

“I got a pretty good lesson on political correctness,” Kenneth Murdock said when apologizing for his angry, booze-fuelled social media posts, one of which was aimed at a prison worker.

Murdock, 54... was returned to prison after two untoward posts on social media that he says were taken the wrong way. ...."

Murdock, though he certainly doesn't look it, committed a murder that had massive ramifications on the Canadian underworld. He killed John "Johnny Pops".....

As Humphreys noted:

In 1997, Murdock took on a more challenging target. He boldly knocked on the Hamilton headquarters of John “Johnny Pops” Papalia, the long-reigning Mafia boss of Ontario who was a Musitano family rival. As they talked in the parking lot, Murdock pressed a .38-calibre revolver to the back of Papalia’s head and shot him dead.

Two months later, he was asked to kill Carmen Barillaro, a loyal lieutenant of Papalia’s in Niagara Falls who was looking to avenge his boss. Murdock knocked on Barillaro’s front door and shot him dead when he opened it.

Loyalty, however, has its limits.

When the mobsters Murdock says he was working for threatened to kill him — to “make me part of the compost,” he once told the Post — he became a co-operating witness. He testified that Pasquale (Pat) Musitano and his younger brother, Angelo Musitano, were behind his two most recent killings.

After serving 13 years of his life sentence, he was released on full parole.

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