See Trailer For Our Godfather -- Upcoming Documentary On Tomasso Buscetta, First Major Sicilian Mafioso To Flip

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Following is a trailer for the upcoming OUR GODFATHER, a feature-length documentary about Tommaso Buscetta, the first high-ranking Italian mafioso to turn against Cosa Nostra and testify. It's due for a September release on Netflix... More information tk....

"...the money had gone to their heads. They couldn’t think of anything but buying, consuming, spending that mountain of money that each of them wanted to make even higher – all the way from the sea to the sanctuary of Santa Rosalia at the top of Montepellegrino.

(Buscetta said:) "It isn’t Cosa Nostra any more, Nino, it’s not ours. It belongs to petty thieves like Pippo Calò and Michele Greco – people U Curtu (nickname for Toto Riina) has connected to strings so that they’ll raise their heads or lower them at his command. Stefano Bontate told me that Michele never opens his mouth at Commission meetings. He just bobs his head up and down. He’s a coward, and a total slave to the Corleonesi …"

 From The Boss of Bosses: The Life of the Infamous Toto Riina Dreaded Head of the Sicilian Mafia

Buscetta died in 2000 while living in hiding in the US Witness Protection Program. He was buried in North Florida.

Buscetta helped convict more than 400 Mafiosi.

More than 11 members of his family were killed by The Corleonesi under Toto Riina.

Buscetta became among the most wanted men in the world.

The film tells the Buscetta story, and includes input from members of his family who will break their 30-year silence for the first time....2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year for Mafia-related cinema....

First is a trailer; posted after the trailer is a couple of hours of footage that seems to be from the actual documentary...

Additional footage....

Buscetta had been known as the "boss of two worlds" for a criminal career that spanned Europe and Latin America.

Buscetta was the first former Sicilian Mafioso to comprehensively pierce the veil of secrecy shrouding the inner workings of Cosa Nostra.

Buscetta found himself on the losing side of the Second Mafia war and decided to turn state's evidence. When discussing his reasoning for flipping, he would speak of his disapproval of how the Sicilian Mafia had drifted from its traditional cultural and moral roots by making narcotics trafficking its central focus.

He began cooperating with Italian and American prosecutors in 1984 and was instrumental in helping convict Salvatore (Toto, aka The Beast) Riina, whose assassins had killed 11 of Buscetta's family members, including his sons, a brother, and two nephews. Buscetta was the first "pentito" to reveal the existence and functions of the Cupola, the Mafia Commission that governed the organization.

Buscetta had major prestige while a Mafioso and had close relationships with the highest ranking members, though he himself never actually rose above the rank of soldier owing to his legendary proclivity for beautiful women, which led to his three marriages and multiple affairs, which put him in violation of Cosa Nostra's strict codes about marriage long before he broke "omertĂ .”

He never formally rose through the Mafia hierarchy, he was never a boss, though he was a kind of informal advisor to the families pitted against the rising Corleonesi ... Buscetta spoke for the bosses slain by the Corleonesi...

The testimony of Buscetta, who also spoke extensively with judge Giovanni Falcone and others in law enforcement in Italy and America, paved the way for the trial of more than 300 Mafiosi in Palermo. Buscetta said that prior to the 1960s, the American and Sicilian Mafias had allowed members to intertwine: a made Sicilian mobster could join one of the Five Families, and vice versa. But that ended in the 1960s, Buscetta said.

"It is absolutely out of the question that a Sicilian man of honor could become a made member of the American Cosa Nostra at this time," Buscetta said. "By now the cultural differences between the two organizations are too great for there to be any organic ties between them."