Nick Christophers Launches Mob Tales Podcast

Unpretentious, minimalist, and straightforward, is how we'd describe the new podcast series Mob Tales by Nick Christophers, who writes about the mob, including for this blog, and has written several mob-related books.

Nick Christophers
Nick Christophers debuted a new podcast, Mob Tales.

We recently caught up with Nick to ask him about the podcast....the (very brief) interview is below.

Here's the first episode of Mob Tales: Rebel Mobster in Detroit

And the second: Florida Wiseguys

Tell us about your new podcast, Mob Tales...
This was an idea from the producer Peter Papageorgiou, and we collaborated with director Sean King, who recently shot the trailer for my film Destinies, which is in pre-production.

Mob Tales is different because it is coming from someone like me, who was educated on the street and in school, not just some reporter who never was around these type of guys. And also I will be telling stories that most people don't know about. Especially about the Greek mafia.

I will offer stories taken from my non-fiction books like Mafia Ties - The Greek Syndicates and Prison Rules. Also from guys I grew up with and the stories they used to tell me.

We have filmed four episodes but only posted two so far. One is about a guy from the Detroit mob and the other is about two Florida wiseguys connected to Santo Trafficante back in the day. We are hoping to pump out an episode a week.