'The Quiet Don' Follows Rise of Low-Key Mob Boss Russell Bufalino

This book came out on the same days as Capeci/Robbins book on Al D'Arco - I have it and will read it once I finish "Mob Boss" - read an interesting story about the Bufalino book here:

'The Quiet Don' traces influence of mobster Russell Bufalino in Pa. gaming - Morning Call


  1. Don't know too much about this guy, but you have to beware of all these mob books these days. Like that clown Sheeran's book, I Heard You Paint Windows. He definitely did not kill Hoffa or Crazy Joe Gallo. Crazy Joe actually insulted Buffalino
    at the Copa the night he was murdered. I think the Detroit crew and Tony Provenzano were the main players in the Hoffa hit. After all, Hoffa was in the Detroit crew's country.
    Anonymous-Old School

  2. Truly great book. page turner. Getting lots of publicity.


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