Newsletter Focuses on Bugsy Siegel

Exclusive material about Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel's life and crimes and murder will be the focus of my pending monthly newsletter, debuting next week.

(You will note a style change: from now on I am going to use parentheses instead of quotations around nicknames, on first reference only. This is for reasons too complicated and boring to explain.)

Sign up now; it's going out by the end of next week.

If you'd like to advertise in the newsletter, I'm offering very competitive rates, so here's your chance to get your book or product or service in front of thousands of people interested in the Mafia.

Benjamin (Bugsy) Siegel
 Specific readership data is available to those interested in purchasing advertising.

Rates are not expensive, believe me. 

Authors who need to promote a book should definitely contact me (publishers aren't as active and effective in this area, I know).

  Contact me to discuss at Cosanostranews @ gmail dot-com...


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