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The stories listed below are based on interviews with mobsters -- and former FBI agent Joaquin "Jack Falcone" Garcia, who worked undercover as one of them.

Whether they flip or not, they are still made Mafia members.

As noted in Made Guys Who Flip Are Still Made, Until Death:

At the Nicholas "Nicky Mouth" Santora trial, a former Bonanno capo offered testimony regarding his current mob status, noting that even if a made man flips and testifies for the government, he's still an inducted member of the Mafia.
Anyone who is officially made a “soldier” keeps that title for life no matter what. Even if he flips, he's still a member, only he's considered "shelved," said James "Big Louie" Tartaglione at Santora's enterprise corruption trial. 
Tartaglione's testimony is corroborated by former Gambino capo Michael "Mikie Scars" DiLeonardo, who said the same during his own testimony. "The family can not make another person to take your spot until you are dead," he told Cosa Nostra News.

From Mafia capos to mob associates who worked with some of gangland's most notorious figures, we give you the real deal here.

No bullshit.

You can't get more deeply inside the American Cosa Nostra than via Cosa Nostra News.....

Also included are "scoops," news this site broke first. (This page is not comprehensive yet, either.)
Michael "Mikie Scars" DiLeonardo

Michael DiLeonardo On the Gotti Reign

Joaquin "Jack Falcone" Garcia

Natalie Didonato, Mob Wives cast member
Interview With "Mob Wives" Cast Member

Cosa Nostra News Exclusives
Genovese Boss Who Took Lie Detector Test Dies

FBI 302 Proves John Gotti Junior "Talked"

Defamation Case Settled by "Undercover Cop" Publisher


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