Montreal Mob Associate Gunned Down

From the London Free Press: "The killings and score-settlings that have rocked Montreal's mafia for two years continued Monday night with the shooting death of mob associate Lorenzo "Larry" Lopresti.

He was killed in the city's north end, nearly 19 years after the body of his father Joe was found in a Montreal alley, wrapped in a sheet with a bullet in his head.
Several residents of an apartment building called 911 on Monday evening after shots rang out.
"When police arrived, they discovered the 40-year-old man who had been hit with at least one gunshot," said Montreal police spokesman Daniel Lacoursiere.
The killer or killers were still at large as of Tuesday.
Lorenzo's father, assassinated in 1992, was involved in what was known as the Pizza Connection. The name referred to a heroin route between New York and Montreal and the sale of the drug in pizzerias.
Joe Lopresti was a close friend of the Rizzuto clan that sat atop Canada's mafia hierarchy for 30 years before recent murders and kidnappings depleted the family."

Read full story: Mob associate gunned down in Montreal | Canada | News | London Free Press


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