Cosa Nostra News: Mission Statement, Disclosure

Cosa Nostra News focuses on traditional organized crime in America -- specifically, Italian organized crime. No street gangs, no biker clubs, no Russian or other ethnic-based organized crime rings, unless they cross the line through joint ventures or gunfights with the Mafia: This blog is tightly focused on the Italian Cosa Nostra in the U.S., hence its title. Coverage includes news, historical features and profiles, as well as an ongoing look at the growing field of mob-inspired entertainment in films, TV shows, DVDs, books, videogames -- you name it.

The hit show "Mob Wives" is extensively covered, primarily because I know through traffic analysis it is among the most-read topics on the site.

Cosa Nostra News has appeared on the New York Daily News; I am also a credited contributing writer for the non-fiction book Brooklyn Gangsters and also write articles for the magazine Mob Candy.

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As for stories I do not write, but include on this website: I always link to outside stories twice, at the beginning and at the end; I don't run the entire story, which means any readers who would like to read the entire article will have to go back to the original article. I am helping drive traffic to the originator of the article. I sometimes even mention the source in the headline; perhaps I should do that on an ongoing basis to make it ultra-clear. I never claim credit for stories I didn't write, but I understand sometimes people scan a story and may not understand they are reading a link to a story from another site or publication.

I also often write preambles to the linked-to stories; usually my preamble is longer than the excerpt.

I encourage my site visitors to join this Blogspot site, to comment, to email me with thoughts, suggestions, ideas or even to tell me to go jump in a lake (though I won't do it).

I do consider myself a mafia expert and am available for interviews; I am also a professional journalist and am available for contract writing projects, ghostwriting, etc.

A word about the "pageview count" featured on this blog: I do not pad the numbers like other bloggers have been known to do. I know the tricks, and I don't pull any of them: I don't count my own pageviews; I don't have a team of bloggers working for me and have them clicking on stories all day; I don't even encourage family and friends to visit this site. I try to remain anonymous and in the background. (Very few people in my personal life even know about this site or that I am behind it.) I do not even intentionally use common SEO practices, because I don't believe in the concept.

I do use social media marketing, occasionally, via Facebook and Twitter. That is all I do to drive traffic.