Bulger's Lady Pleads Guilty to Helping Irish Mobster

Catherine Greig was indeed a looker in her day; no wonder
Whitey went after this one...
From The Boston Globe:

Catherine Greig, girlfriend of alleged murderous gangster James “Whitey” Bulger, has agreed to plead guilty to charges that she helped him to escape capture while he was on the lam for 16 years.

In a plea agreement filed in federal court today, Greig said she would plead to three charges -- conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, conspiracy to commit identity fraud, and identity fraud -- without an agreed-upon recommendation for sentencing by the government and her attorney. Greig is slated to go before a federal judge Wednesday.

In a statement of facts signed by Greig, also filed in court, she said, “I engaged in conduct that was intended to help Bulger avoid detection from law enforcement and to provide him with support and assistance during his flight from law enforcement.”

She admitted that she and Bulger had obtained false identification documents including driver’s licenses and Social Security cards of real people.

She admitted that she used one fake identity to pick up medicine and obtain medical services between 2002 and 2011, and used other aliases while dealing with a dentist who treated Bulger while they lived in Santa Monica, Calif.

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