Crazy Mafiosi You May Never Have Heard Of

From the website/blog Guyism. I only included the Italians on the list, which actually has seven criminals on it, because I consider the Mafia to be the word for America's Italian organized crime ring, aka, La Cosa Nostra. The Mexicans and Russians -- among other ethnicities -- may have their own versions, but I cringe when I hear them called mafias.

Also I don't know if I agree with this list. I mean dudes like "Crazy Joe" Gallo -- whose very nickname was Crazy -- are not in the ranking. But I supposed that's because of the "you may never have heard of." Still, you could use that angle and go backwards decades, into the 1920s and 1930s, and come up with some really sick bastards who NO ONE has ever heard of, to such a degree we could've deleted the qualifier "may never have" from the title...

Whether it’s watching mobsters shoot up the big screen or make newspaper headlines, American culture has had a long running affair with gangsters. More often than not, prison or death seems to be the mafia’s retirement plan. Here are seven mobsters you may have missed.

 Stefano “Steve the Truck Driver” Vitabile

stefano 130x120 7 Mafia badasses you probably havent heard ofStefano started out as a soldier and later rose to consigliere of the NJ-based DeCavalcante family. In 1990 he was convicted of racketeering and conspiracy, but his violent streak is what landed him a life sentence in 2006. Following an argument in 1991, he ordered the killing of underboss, Louis LaRasso. He also whacked acting boss Johnny D’Amato after hearing about homosexual rumors. Neither body was ever recovered.
Liborio “Barney” Salvatore Bellomo
Liborio Bellomo 130x120 7 Mafia badasses you probably havent heard ofBorn in Sicily, Bellomo became a capo in the Genovese outfit before 30. He soon took over the racketeering, heroin trafficking, and prostitution rings for East Harlem’s 116th Street Crew. Rising to become acting boss he was indicted on extortion and murder charges in ’96. He plead guilty to lesser charges and served a 10 year sentence. As of 2008 he’s a free man. 
Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno
fatTony 130x120 7 Mafia badasses you probably havent heard ofThis NY mobster rose to become the front boss of the Genovese crime family. Known for his fedora and cigar chomping, he earned the nickname “Fat Tony” focused on extortion, money laundering, illegal gambling — the guy knew about the dollar. In 1986 he even earned Fortune Magazine’s top spot of gangster in wealth and power. He became diabetic and died of a stroke at a prison hospital in Springfield, Miss.

William “Wild Bill” Cutolo
cutolo 130x120 7 Mafia badasses you probably havent heard ofThis Brooklyn born wiseguy started as a hit man, was a major player in the Colombo civil war in the early 1990s, to later become underboss of the Colombos, who set him up to be whacked. He was named “Man of the Year” in 1988 by the National Leukemia Association for his charity work. It wasn’t uncommon for him to visit children’s hospitals dressed as Santa. 
Giuseppe “Joe The Boss” Masseria
GiuseppeMasseria 130x120 7 Mafia badasses you probably havent heard ofMasseria early in his career worked as an enforcer for the Morello Gang. He earned a reputation for being lucky after surviving a point blank hit attempt. Gangsters soon began calling him “the man who dodges bullets.” He was assassinated in 1931, while eating at one of his favorite restaurants in Coney Island; when his dining companion went to the can, a hit team burst through the door and pumped "the Boss"  full of bullets.