Gambinos, Hells Angels Indicted for Extortion

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Here's some free advice: if you need some quick cash, a loan from a Gambino crime family associate is one of the worst ways to go about getting it. And if being indebted to the mafia isn't enough to scare you off, this might: in at least two cases, a Gambino gangster has teamed up with a Hells Angels crony to get someone to pay up . And when Hells Angels and mobsters ask you to pay up, it's rarely a polite suggestion -- in this case it involved brass-knuckles, a gun, and a baseball bat.

Three men -- each with ties to violent gangs, including the Hells Angels and the Gambino crime family -- have been indicted on extortion charges for allegedly threatening a Queens man on multiple occasions after he didn't pay back a $50,000 loan to the gangsters' satisfaction.

According to court documents obtained by the Voice, James Ferrara, a Gambino associate, Daniel Hanley, a member of the Westies street gang, and Peter Kanakis, a member of the Demon Knights -- a sub-chapter of the Hells Angels -- have been hit with an eight-count indictment charging them with multiple counts of extortion.

In August, 2011, the victim was on his way to work when he received a call from a co-worker at his business alerting him that a man with brass-knuckles was at his store and was looking for him. Rather than face the man -- and the brass-knuckles -- the victim drove past the store, where he saw the man with the knuckles standing out front.

Shortly after, the victim noticed a black truck following him.

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  1. You know the mob is losing it's power when they have to team up with white trash lowlife MC's like the Hell's Donkeys....Psh no more "men of honor" in LCN, just a bunch of street clowns....

  2. A word of advice to guys who want to be mobsters but need to recruit muscle from street gangs: you will soon become their victims.


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