Did Someone Confuse the Tall Guy and Lee D'Avanzo?

The Garofalos.
As we reported in a previous post: Karen Gravano is claiming Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo was a key player in putting together the cast of the latest season of "Mob Wives," which now includes his wife.

Gravano also said -- you'll have to re-read the post for a full recap if you're interested as I don't feel like rewriting the damn thing-- "Apparently Jen also gets Tall Guy himself, as well. As Capeci wrote: Garofalo will be heard on the show via select tape recordings. An honest to God gangster will speak on Mob Wives!..."

We have been hearing a gangster's voice on the phone. Only it's not the Tall Guy's...

It's the voice of Lee D'Avanzo -- not the Tall Guy. Did Karen get this wrong? Or, is it that we haven't heard Eddie Garofalo on the phone yet? If Karen got it wrong -- did she get anything else wrong???

I am still wondering if this entire season is a fix -- the feuding with the three ex-Mob Wives and the production company... For fix, read: "publicity stunt." I mean, the old wives already hate the new wives -- and according to the trailers, this hatred is going to get deeper and darker...[and phonier?]

Don't forget to take our "Mob Wives" poll.... I am trying to gauge your interest... Although, "when it comes to ratings... there is no argument," according to SILive.com.

Publicity stunt or not, the new cast (or "New Blood") seems to have definitely revitalized Jennifer's brainchild... Although if you read the SILive article linked to above, you will find some odd things in the story -- basically mistakes, like an expansion of the franchise is being planned, to include Chicago! That already happened, as we all know.... Staten Island Live! You need a copy editor!