Young Couple's Murders Likely Linked to Canadian Organized Crime

Amanda Trottier, left, and Travis Votour, both 23, were
killed violently in their home in Quebec.
This past Monday Amanda Trottier's mother and her husband discovered the bodies of their daughter and her boyfriend, Travis Votour -- both on the main floor of a house in Aylmer, Quebec. However, the murdered couple's 3-year-old daughter was found in an upstairs bedroom unharmed.

The deaths of Trottier and Votour, both of whom were 23 years old, have been ruled suspicious by police. In addition, police have said that the two murders are possibly connected to organized crime, though no details regarding how or why the police made this claim has been offered.

Gatineau police also noted that Votour had been arrested several times before, most recently in May 2013 for drug possession and assaulting a police officer. He was currently facing a few charges when he died -- which could be how the police are linking the homicides to Canadian organized crime.

As such ties have been deemed possible, as per regulations, the Sûreté du Québec has taken over the file and is investigating further.

Victoria Lebrasseur said she and her husband had gone to check on daughter Amanda at her home at about noon, after Trottier failed to text them that morning as was her daily habit.

"I found them myself, right in front of my eyes," Victoria said, referring to the bodies of her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. "And we thought the baby was gone too, upstairs. I thought I had to lose my two girls."

Amanda's body was "covered in blood," the mother further noted, adding that the murder scene depicted violence. (Police would not release the cause of death either, although but all indications seem to reveal that the young couple was slain in a grizzly fashion, perhaps first tortured by their killers.)

Trottier's body was lying close to the front door, according to Trottier's cousin, Jennifer Labelle. Votour was face down on the floor close to a patio door in the living room, she said.

“Because both murders might have a link with organized crime and when there is a possibility of a link with organized crime, the investigation is transferred to the Sûreté du Québec,” said SQ Sgt. Claude Denis. “So the crime investigators at the Sûreté du Québec took charge of this investigation..."

Lebrasseur later wrote about the grisly murder scene on Facebook.

Trottier and Votour were confirmed to have been Gatineau’s first two homicide victims of 2014.