Manny Garofalo Speaks Out

Kenji Gallo, Colombo turncoat who wrote Breakshot.
“Alicia has chosen to humiliate my nephew Edward and our entire family in the name of my brother who she never even knew. The show’s stupid. I think it’s disgraceful. It’s blood money. It’s my brother’s blood.”

That's what Emmanuel "Manny" Garofalo had to say about Alicia DiMichele and "Mob Wives" in an interview with the New York Daily News.

Manny added that he is so sickened by this "exploitation" of the murder of his brother, Eddie "The Chink," that he's thinking of selling his home and moving to a place where he won't be recognized.

DiMichele, the newest mob wife and the one Manny blames for cashing in on what was a violent gangland slaying, is due to be sentenced today after pleading guilty to helping embezzle money with her husband, Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo, from the pension fund of a company they owned. Tall Guy has started serving his own seven-year sentence. (We will report on Alicia's sentence as soon as it's made public.)

However, if what Karen Gravano has told Jerry Capeci is true, we don't know how "humiliated" the Tall Guy can be, since according to Karen, it was Edward himself who reportedly arranged for his wife to be on the reality show.

Manny resides in a four-bed, four-bath Sea Gate palace on Brooklyn's waterfront, which he told the News he is considering putting on the market for $1.2 million.

Manny himself was recently sentenced for his own extortion-related crimes -- to community service. More on that below...

We recently found an interesting mob blog, Breakshot, which is authored by Ken "Kenji" Gallo, a onetime associate of the Colombo family who became a turncoat charged with running a radio show for the feds. Kenji also wrote a great book about life in the mob -- particularly in the crazy madhouse known as the Colombo family. (We wrote a little about Kenji and his book back in this post.)

The book, also titled Breakshot, is out of print. If I were the publisher I'd get that sucker back in print fast -- and make it available on Kindle, too.

Tabitha Stevens. Yes, we did include
this image fortuitously and we did
have to crop the bottom half...
According to the "about me" section on his Breakshot blog, Kenny "Kenji" Gallo, 45, is a half-Japanese/half-Italian-American gangster turned informant and former director and producer of pornographic films. Kenji is one of the most unlikely and controversial gangsters... When the police cracked down on his drug-trafficking empire, Gallo abandoned the cocaine trade for life in the American Mafia as a jet-setting playboy gangster, marrying porn star Tabitha Stevens, and making millions in prostitution, credit fraud, "pump-and-dump" stock fraud, gambling, extortion, and the porn business. As the protégé of Mafia legends like John "Sonny" Franzese, Jerry Zimmerman, and Vincent "Jimmy" Caci, Gallo quickly earned the reputation as one the smartest and most capable young mobsters in America.

After some 20 years in "the life" Kenji said he volunteered to wear a wire for the FBI in 1998 to help convict members of the Colombo and Lucchese families. His FBI code-name was "Breakshot."

Breakshot, the book, is Kenji's account of his life in organized crime. His blog, he notes, "picks up 
where the book left off."

Kenji -- who regularly gives speeches to decry his former life of crime for law enforcement, schools, and libraries -- writes on his blog that he knew the Garofalos -- Manny, Edward and Alicia DiMichele -- quite well, and has some interesting things to say about them.

As for Alicia claiming that she was an inadvertent participant in the crimes she wasn't even aware her husband was committing, Kenji writes: "I wore a wire when I was in the car with Eddie and Teddy [Persico, Eddie's capo in the Colombo family] many times. Once we were on our way to get guns at Teddy's mothers home (so Teddy could get to some wayward Colombos)... how could Alicia not know her husband was knee-deep in crime? All she would have to do is pick up a newspaper or do a Google search and she would know the truth about the name Persico." 

"[Today Alicia] will face another judge, and she has already pleaded guilty in court while claiming to the media she was not aware of The Life. She has made a lot of money from The Life. Even now she is living it up. She has two clothing stores... she still lives in a luxury Cherry Hill home and she went on a cross country party spree while waiting for her sentencing... 

"So what exactly did she do? Alicia helped Eddie and Teddy, and that means she helped the Colombo Family to steal hard working Union Member’s Benefits. Alicia not only conspired but has admitted to stealing the money from the Local 282 of the Teamsters... Alicia submitted a false invoice in November of 2004 to a Long Island company on behalf of Big R Trucking and then submitted a false Shop Steward report to the 282 Local for DM Equipment for a week in November. All this to defraud the Union Health plan and their retirement plans. This is really low because they messed with normal hard working people while they went on gambling sprees, drove fancy cars and took vacations on their dime."

After reading reports about "Tall Guy" negotiating a role for his wife on "Mob Wives," again, as per Karen Gravano's story, Kenji notes: "I thought Mafia guys were supposed to keep a low profile... 

In an earlier blog post, Kenji writes more about "Tall Guy" Eddie as he knew him. Garofalo doesn't seem so legit as a tough guy anymore: "He is a big guy.  Mostly, a fat guy... I was there with the wire running. Eddie egged the whole thing on and he is the one who brought it up in front of Teddy Persico Jr.  Yet when we got to Teddy’s mothers house to pick up "the gear" aka guns, Eddie had to run inside to use the bathroom. After they handed out their really crappy 'gear,' and all I had was a knife, Eddie told me to duck if they started shooting..."

"Now Eddie is going to be calling in on the reality show from prison.  I wonder what Teddy Persico, his Capo, thinks about that... every mob guy knows mob guys don’t go on TV.  It’s a secret society."

Yep, Kenji, we agree.

He cryptically adds: "To top it all off, according to the New York Post, Eddie’s wife Alicia has been carrying on a 3 year affair with a married restaurateur. That is how she thanks her husband, after he plead out so that she would get no time.
"Do we see a rule 35 hearing coming up in the future?"

Eddie "The Chink" Garofalo was murdered
under John Gotti's orders by a hit team that
was run by Sammy the Bull Gravano.
Kenji also writes about the outspoken Manny Garofalo as well: "He received zero jail time from the judge, even though he plead guilty and had plenty of clear evidence stacked against him.  Makes you wonder why they let him off???

"... Manny got off with no time because of Super Storm Sandy and all the work he did to help (that is the BS reason given by the judge to cover up the real reason he got off with a slap on the wrist). I personally laundered money with Manny, and after I left Brooklyn he threatened me...

"If someone looks up Manny they can see what a great guy he is from the people he committed the crimes with in the past. Names like Steve "Wonder Boy" Crea dot the pages of the indictments. 

And we have to give mention to Kenji's side-note regarding the failure of all the Mafia television shows produced by people who don't even do their own basic research. He makes note of one such show that ran on ID about Chris Paciello, in which it was claimed that the Staten Island car-theft ring known as The Untouchables was based on the film Gone in Sixty Seconds; Kenji is referring to the original version here, not the remake: "Gone in Sixty Seconds was shot in Carson California in 1974! Chris Paciello was born in 1971. Was that movie about toddler car thieves?"

Yep, Kenji. We agree with you on that one too...


  1. Very well written, and I agree! Karen clearly has her own agenda.

  2. This Kenji gentleman is an informant. How could someone wear a wire on someone. No one wants to go to jail. I understand. But to wear a wire on people and record their conversations, and to be proud of it. His could anyone in their right mind want to have anything at all to do with this person. People can make up excuses until they are blue in the face ad to why they should inform on people they are doing business with when caught. Jail can do funny things to an individuals mind. You start thinking about the time this individual did this to you, or that individual did that. Well, then you should have stopped what you were doing then at that time. Not continue to do so until caught and then inform on these individuals, your friend even, to be released from jail, or receive a more lenient sentence. It is terrible that this individual has a following along with people purchasing his book. This man Kenji Gallo informs on people, puts them in prison, and then day's bad things about these individuals he already put in prison to others and on the Internet. It is just wrong what this Mr. Gallo has done and continues to do.

  3. How do we know anything about Cosa Nostra? From the people who were inside it; Kenji is an insider. I think you're part of the VHI-DiMichele-Garofalo PR machine and you're using the rat angle deceptively.

    1. And the boldface italic quote topping the story was spoken by MANNY Garofalo.

    2. No, Mr. Scarpo, I am not part of the VH1 television program. Just an ordinary citizen expressing my dislike for Mr. Gallo who enjoy's your website. Informing on individuals, his friends included, is bad enough. For Mr. Gallo to continue to say things about people he put into prison, and if not, forced them to spend outrageous legal fees to keep themselves out of jail, about their appearance, their family life, personal matters, there's something wrong there Mr. Scarpo. Informing on people and keeping your mouth shut is bad enough Mr. Scarpo. To do what Mr. Gallo did and continues to do is terrible. Again, I am not condoning it, but Mr. Phillip Leonetti informed on individuals as well close to thirty years ago and no one heard a word from Mr. Leonetti until recently. I am yet to see a story done on the rumour that when Mr. Leonetti decided to become an informant, that he stole quite a bit of money from his uncle, Nick Scarfo. It's just not right Mr. Scarpo to glamorize, or promote a man like Mr. Gallo.

  4. In the Mafia world its "acceptable" to kill your "friends" or "business associates" (for money, or for pride, or for any dumb reason) but its not acceptable to "rat." its funny how "fans" of certain family members choose to glorify the people they idolize but frown upon someone who has informed on someone who has given the orders to have that person killed. i wouldn't feel bad "informing" or "ratting" on someone who planned to have me killed, would you? if that person pretends to be your friend to your face and behind your back plots against you, they are not your friend. "the life" does not have good people in it, and if someone chooses to start over in a different life, the only way to do that is to inform. there are no winners in "the life," (whether they end up rich & in jail, or poor from paying their attorneys, or dead, or turncoat) there are only losers, and there is nothing but pain for those that are close to those in the life. i think it is important for those that have left the life speak up and share their experience with others to warn them of the dead end that waits anyone who chooses that life. giving them a platform is not glorifying them.


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