Galati Guilty; One Down, Two to Go

Ron Galati faces life--and still has
two more trials in his future.
The jurors deliberated for an hour on Monday and an additional three hours on Tuesday.

They were hung--hopelessly deadlocked. They said as much in a note to Judge Joseph Rodriguez.

Keep trying, he responded.

And, presto! Less than one hour later, the jurors reached a verdict and just... like... thatRonald Galati was found guilty on all counts in his murder-for-hire trial.

The man himself "sat stone-faced at the defense table," noted, while the forewoman read the verdicts aloud in the courtroom.

Galati, 64, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder for hire, murder for hire, and associated weapons charges.

He has two additional cases pending against him in Philadelphia for yet another murder-for-hire case in which Galati allegedly plotted to have a rival auto shop owner and his son taken out, and an insurance fraud case.

"Galati, who wore a black toupee and took intermittent puffs from an inhaler throughout the trial, waved to his family as he was handcuffed and led away by U.S. marshals," reported.

The owner of American Collision & Automotive Center in South Philadelphia, Galati, dubbed by the press as a "mob wannabe," was found guilty of hiring three hit men to shoot his daughter's boyfriend, Andrew Tuono, last November in Atlantic City.
Tiffany Galati testified against
her father; the defense tried
to cast her in a suspicious light,
which the jury didn't buy.

The hit was carried out, but Tuono survived and the hit men flipped: Ronald Walker, 49, the admitted shooter, Alvin Matthews, 47, and Jerome Johnson, 45, the wheelman all pleaded guilty and testified, saying they were hired by Galati, who sent them gunning for Tuono after carefully instructing them not to harm any young woman who happened to be with Tuono when they shot him down.

Galati's daughter, Tiffany, also testified, as did the intended target, a wounded Tuono.

"The jury deliberated for about five hours over two days before bringing in the guilty verdicts. No date has been set for sentencing, but the 64-year-old auto body shop owner faces 20 years or more," according to Big Trial's George Anastasia.

"With a prior conviction for insurance fraud and with two other cases pending in Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia, Galati could very well spend the rest of his life in prison."

"Ronald Galati hired two men to kill his daughter's boyfriend outside his home. This reprehensible conduct has no place in civilized society," U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said in a statement. "We are grateful to the jury for bringing Galati to justice."

With its verdict, the jury rejected the defense argument that Tiffany Galati was actually behind the attack. The larger scenario the defense attorney attempted to depict placed Tuono, an alleged pill pusher, in a drug feud with one of the hit men, who also was a drug dealer.

U.S. Assistant Attorney Jason Richardson said Galati was furious with Tuono for prompting Tiffany to move to Atlantic City with his grandson. Also fueling Galati's murderous rage--[I will] "kill him myself, I will strangle him, I will poke his eyes out"--was the fact that Tuono had  sent a text message to Galati's son, Ron Jr., calling him a "pussy." [Ed.'s Note: First time I ever saw the p-word used in a USAA's quote and first time I ever saw the word printed in a daily newspaper--or should I say daily news blog.]

Big Trial further noted:

While Galati liked to play the role of The Godfather and frequently quoted lines from famous gangster movies, the plot he was convicted of setting in motion was strictly a grade-B operation. 
Ronald Walker, the admitted shooter, was arrested within minutes of the assault. Alvin Matthews, his accomplice, was picked up a few minutes later. Both quickly told authorities Galati had hired them to kill Tuono. Walker said he was promised $20,000.  
A third conspirator, Galati's long-time friend Jerome Johnson, began cooperating in July after he was indicted along with Galati on the murder-for-hire, conspiracy and weapons offenses.
Johnson, Walker and Matthews all testified for the prosecution.  
Galati wanted Tuono dead, they said. The motive? Tiffany Galati had moved in with Tuono, a one-time friend of Galati's.  
Galati was described by Richardson as an overly possessive father who sometimes called his grown daughter a dozen times a day. He was said to detest Tuono who he believed had taken his daughter away from the family.


  1. ok now galati was convicted. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. Next one up is anthony nicodemo. He knows about the 3 murders uncle joe and skinny joey ordered. so he will flip because he has something to offer, not like Mr.Galati.

  2. I really wonder if it's not a matter of "will flip" but "already has..." The timing of the declared mistrial, after the pros rested and once the def learned precisely the magnitude of the case it faced, is extremely suspicious....

  3. Wouldn't the feds have already announced that he flipped, just like they immediately announced joey massino cooperating? The feds sure love to boast about their successes. Correct me if I am wrong., I thought the reason for the mistrial was because mr.nicodemo corrupted a juror or 2?

  4. I think nicodemo woulda flipped by now if he was. Not every mobster flips. Look at Vernace in new York. Took life on the chin and didnt talk.

  5. One of the deputys in the court house over heard the father talking about he knew wete one of the Jurors lived wanted to send somebody there or they d

  6. To be fair he is already an old man with health issues so he might feel like if i die in prison or on the street, it does not matter at this point btw Have you seen anthony nicodemo's wife? she is sexy as fuck and you can't fuck your wife in federal prison since there are no conjugal visits.

  7. And look at Danny Fama....Nicodemo is a young man facing life. The prosecution puts on an open and shut case, pretty much. They rest I believe on a Friday....on Monday cops fill the courtroom and there's word a juror has been compromised. All I'm saying there's gotta be more to the story. And they don't announce a guy's flipped until they need to. The more I think about it the more questions I have. Think about Merlino...they bring him back to Philly (I'm still trying to find out what's going on with him). It's October and when is Nicodemo retrial? Look, I'm making an educated guess... but I'm also a story teller and love a good story!! Make of that what you will....There's reasons I say things in the comments and not in the story!!

  8. Ok guys and Ed as of right now Nicodemo isnt talking he is in State lock up in phila under protection of the brothas he.s not to well liked by the pagans if he were cooperating he been moved amd his wife relocated none of which had happened. As of Dec he.ll be spending his 3 Christmas in State lock up
    Not looking like someone ready to talk. Jis trial is schduled for Feb 2015. Philly

  9. yes ed them guys call him The Wig cause of his hair piece and the Don Corleone of So Philly. Now he.s just one Sorry soul who lost his mind over his troubled daughter what a cryomg shame

  10. hi ed i have two commemts that got lost im hopper i suppose.

  11. The lawyers of nicodemo have the advantage because they know the prosecutions strategy and have all this time to prepare to refute those claims. Remember the paraffin test came back negative. So he might get out of the murder charge but not the conspiracy charge. Ed what does the prosecution have in their favor?

  12. Thank u ed thats pretty much whats up with that Nicodemo stuff. As for Borgesi rumor has it he.s still not a happy camper not sure how much time he has before he can associate with any felons. Philly

  13. Yeah, you're right. This is the proof, he's not cooperating. Unless of course it's all pretend because the feds are on to how things are perceived. Yes, 99.9% you're correct. Don't underestimate the feds though. They know how guys think. They know the second they pull someone out of general pop it's waving a banner. I sound like one of those conspiracy buffs I just know the lengths the feds go when it comes to LCN cases. Of course it could be that Nicodemo has nothing to offer them. He wouldn't have met the top echelon guys, so wtf would he know. I'm now recalling that his case is, like Galati's, is allegedly based on crimes outside the scope of the mob. No Mafia mention, allowed, right? I may be nuts but it could be the mob in Philly stopped whacking guys like in New York. When was last certified mob hit in your town, Philly?

  14. Last two to get whacked long John and Gongs .When Georgie comes off supervise parole that could change.

  15. This guy can still deal his way out of time if he really has anything to offer. Wiseguys ain't stupid with wannabes, though. They usually tell them half-truths and keep them in the dark.

  16. ed another commemt lost from yesyerday and today


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