Get Ready for Mob Wives Season Five in December

Make sure you are watching at the 10 minutes 35 seconds part....from April....

REVISED, INCLUDES BACKLINKS: "Mob Wives" season five is slated to commence in December.
How is Vito Rizzuto involved in this
story? Keep reading....
Check out the above video of Sway interviewing Renee and Jennifer Graziano. I had never listened to or even heard of Sway: I think he's pretty damn good. He comes off all folksy and polite and supportive to kind of disarm the guests. The questions he poses are quite relevant.

He's asking about the right stuff -- and not really getting any answers.

The Grazianos chose this forum to bolster sales of their cookbook, the one with Meat Cleaver in the title.

Sway doesn't let them slide; this interview gets uncomfortable. The second he starts seriously discussing the Mafia (he doesn't say the word "Mafia") I could almost feel how uncomfortable they were... Sway mentions the burning of the mass card and the induction process, talks about bosses and capos, even "made men".... For the record, of course there is no scene of the making ceremony in either The Godfather or Goodfellas, but The Sopranos included one. Then Sway opens it for listeners to call in. One caller brings up Hector "Junior" Pagan....Renee blames him for her falling off the wagon. Renee is clearly annoyed about the call because the caller underlines a sketchy excuse for behavior.

She is one of the victims, she says. Not really. Walk in another daughter's shoes. Her dad is dead because of your ex-husband, who recall also fired a bullet at one  of your beaus. Ya know, listening to Sway and his subtle racial humor about "the Moores," one of the dark (meaning skin color) peoples who conquered Sicily, y'all saw True Romance, right?, I think he's pretty sharp, this guy.

And Renee I realize has utter disdain for her fans. She'll make money off you, but not get real or even pretend to get real. Nasty is her default setting. All celebrities make money off their fans, I know...

Renee says she never watched The Godfather all the way through. Yeah, right. She talks about a "button" but quickly cops out. Then she hangs up on a guy who finally speaks some wisdom. She cuts him off and calls him out, hey, you think you're a tough guy? Like she's a tough guy.... and then says: "What are you, Canadian?" He was "from Canada."

Renee, ever hear of Vito Rizzuto? He was actually once part of the same crime family as your father. Do you know "George from Canada"?

Rizzuto ran the Montreal Mafia. He spent the last year of his life revenging the murders of his father and son. Killed over a dozen maybe? He had an army and they marched and they went to war. He was dignified and had a pair made out of steel.
Vito Rizzuto, deceased boss of the Montreal Cosa Nostra.

It's easy not to appreciate the magnitude of how deeply problematic this show must be for the Grazianos. But then not really because they want to benefit from the Mafia but not be held accountable to any degree at all. They want to capitalize on the mystique of "the life" but don't even know how to answer basic questions. It's easy to not incriminate people and discuss the mob. I suggest hiring a PR coach; as Sway says, you must be hit with these kinds of questions all the time. Five years in, they still can't tap dance...

You start a television show and throw a spotlight on the fact that you're all the daughters of gangsters, well, one father may not care; he's been shelved supposedly. But this father's friends may care.

A couple of the cast members have begun the social media promos, every one of which seems to warrant entire stories on the bottom-feeding blogs (BFBs! I like it!), which then have an excuse to repeat everything they've ever written about the show.

The worst offender, in my view.

This is the headline to their most recent MW5 story:

‘Mob Wives’ News: Renee Graziano Reveals ‘Explosive’ Season 5 In December [VIDEO]

This is the only part of the story that goes with the headline:

"Renee Graziano is giving fans some hints about the upcoming season of Mob Wives. The original cast member is telling her followers that it will be "explosive."

"Mob Wives is expected to come back in December for Season 5. On Thursday, Graziano wrote on her Instagram account "Get Ready 4 An Explosive Season" about the new episodes of Mob Wives.

Now the slide into posts previous...

"Drita D'avanzo wrote on her Facebook page: "I can promise every Mob Wives fan that Season 5 will be the most shocking yet!!!!!!! Oh boy...oh boy.... ‪#‎December."....

The above story was dated October 6, today, but see the VIDEO mentioned in the headline meant to confuse you into thinking there was more inside dope on season 5 in the one-sentence story? The video is from this past April and is about Renee's book; the site is dishonest and seems to show such a granular focus on the show it's ridiculous.
We at Cosa Nostra News love Natalie...

Here I was going to share a post from M.O.B. Wives, but apparently they don't like other bloggers to do that. You should, unless of course they fail to include backlinks.... Anyway MOB Wives is announcing that Karen Gravano is back on the show and that Karen and Renee are besties and now Big Ang and Drita are besties who stabbed Renee in the back in season four. Honestly, I remember thinking otherwise....

In my story, "Mob Wives" Ends on So-What Note, But Season 5 Is On, I noted:

 "Interestingly, Drita and Big Ang, who railed against Renee for the entire series, taking Natalie's side in a ridiculous argument that bloomed over Natalie's insertion of the word "delicious" at a delicate moment in time for Rene when she was hanging out at an eatery with the man hired to play her boyfriend. 
Anyway Drita and Big Ang who stood up to Renee who was acting (the key word?) like a psychotic for much of the season (re: the first couple of Las Vegas episodes) suddenly turn against Natalie, literally in a heartbeat, and are back on team Graziano. The reason: Natalie tweeted!!!!! 
Only they're all friends now because Renee didn't have a psychotic break when Natalie was vocalizing the words to the "Delicious"song. (We haven't checked; is it on iTunes yet? Is Renee's book available for purchase? Did Drita's new salon make its opening? I honestly can't recall...I do know this: if Natalie poses in Playboy, I will purchase a copy.) 
Bottom line, we got a happy ending. I think. I may have drifted off before the end.... Big Ang was talking about becoming impregnated and things got hazy."

Poor, poor Big Ang. We really like her a lot, we respect her. She was the rasping voice of reason on the show. She was practically clipped this season. All she got to do was react--react to Renee and react to Natalie and react to Alicia... 
Oh wait... she did have a story line. She decides she's not having a baby because her unmarried unemployed son and his girlfriend are having a baby.

That's the best excuse I have ever heard for telling your live-in./live-out boyfriend that no, he can't knock you up. Not that he could give two shits based on his reaction....Is it me, or did he have a sort of "WTF" look in his eyes, like he was thinking he forgot how he was supposed to respond.
Anyway, the other MW news I missed had to do with the fight that allegedly broke out between Big Ang and Renee Graziano (and Karen Gravano?) last week at an upscale sports bar in Chelsea called Ainsworth.

According to the New York Daily News:

An insider tells Confidenti@l that bouncers had to step in when the VH1 show’s formidable, 6-foot-tall star, Angela (Big Ang) Raiola, suddenly went on a rampage and tried to attack fellow cast member Renee Graziano.
“Big Ang went psycho,” we’re told. “Renee literally ran out of the place.
“I would run out, too — (Big Ang) is scary!”, said our source. “She was screaming at (cast member) Karen Gravano and Renee, calling them ‘rats’.”
“It was a shock because Big Ang is so sweet — she’s really not a fighter. Renee must have really upset her. Karen got in the way, and she was tossed like a feather by Ang. Even the bouncers were having trouble controlling her, and the producers didn’t try — why would they?” sniffed the source.
Apparently the mountainous star even tried to launch a table at her foe. “Well, it worked for Teresa Giudice,” joked the insider, referring to the infamous 2009 table-flipping incident on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that helped make Giudice a household name.
“Eventually Drita (D’Avanzo), another member of the cast) managed to calm her down, and in the end nobody was hurt — there was just a lot of running and smeared makeup and spray tans,” said the source. “But the whole thing made a real scene in the restaurant.”
The series, which follows several wives and daughters of mafiosi, is shooting its fifth season, which is expected to premiere in December.
Last Monday, even before the blowup at the Ainsworth, D’Avanzo posted to her Facebook page : “I can promise every Mob Wives fan that Season 5 will be the most shocking yet!!!!!!! Oh boy...oh boy... #December.”
Big Ang and reps for VH1 and the Ainsworth declined to comment.
Ang had also been enjoying some more peaceful activities of late. On Sept. 14, the Staten Island bar owner emerged victorious from the Reality All Star Meatball Challenge, beating other unscripted-TV stars from her home borough in a contest to make the best version of the Italian classic.
Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice
The Giudice family
And, one more item....

Radar Online reported that the Mob Wives cast is supporting the Giudice family (which apparently is more mobbed up than any of the mob wives) after their latest sentencing for fraud.

"My heart goes out to Teresa and her family," Alicia DiMichele said. She's not on Mob Wives!

 "I know first hand how devastating it is for children to be separated from their parent. I pray that they all get through this difficult time with lots of love and support from family and friends. This is a very tough situation for anyone, especially a mother of four. I know that Teresa and her family will get through this with the love and support of her family and friends. She, like myself, is a very strong woman who will rise above this for herself and loved ones. That's what good mothers do."

Big Ang "feels really bad for her and the children." Also, "her heart goes out to them."

Renee Graziano noted: "Any time a parent is taken from their children is especially sad to me, especially when it's a wife, mother, sister, daughter," she said. "I know Teresa will get through this and it will make her a smarter, stronger woman."