Peter Lance Writes Us About Our Gotti Coverage

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We present here an email that Peter Lance sent us privately; we requested his permission to run it.

He sent the email five days ago, we only saw it tonight and are posting it.

It appears to us that it was written to be posted. We don't think he'll have any issues; there is nothing personal in the contents.

Of the very few high-profile figures who have recognized us, he is the first to do so directly and on the record. He gets major props from us for this.

That said we don't agree with Mr. Lance. We have linked to the forward and book, more than once; if you look below at our Blog List, you'll even see our permalink to John A. Gotti's website, which is linking to the forward now and has been for the past seven days.

We make no apologies for anything we've written. 

We do want to ask you, reader, to ponder some questions, if you're so inclined....

1.) Why do Lance and Junior Gotti continue to define John Alite through the eyes of a jury? We can understand why Lance does it, but why does Junior need a jury to tell him about John Alite? (The members of the jury supposedly were interviewed after the trial -- they were hung; it was a mistrial. Note that we previously blasted published reports that tried to use two jurors to make it sound like more were calling Alite "discredited." We'd like to know more about the notion that this jury nearly universally blasted John Alite. Where is the information? What questions were asked of them? All the questions. Where is this data? Are we supposed to believe what we are told? We don't believe there is any degree of validity to this convenient construct until we see the data about this post-trial jury interview .... And who really cares what the jurors think? To have served on that jury you'd have to be so far removed from the mob that you certainly would not know this blog existed....)

2.) Why have we made a conscious decision to cover John Alite in the way that we do, when the easier, more popular and potentially healthier route would be to condemn him as a liar? Taking on the storied Gotti name is not popular -- and according to some of our friendly sources from the street, we've been told, yeah, he may be out of the mob, but still, "you don't know what this guy is capable of."

Actually, we do....

And for those of you waiting for something to happen to completely and totally discredit John Alite, let the notion go. He was attacked for years and all his dirty laundry was already aired. 

And if a Penthouse article should suddenly come out saying something horrible about Alite, we won't believe it. Yes, we know the trick that one of the crime families pulled once to discredit a witness using a magazine... 

3.) Why do Lance and Junior Gotti contradict themselves by continuing to say Alite is such a "discredited" witness, the Feds never again used him, yet they also call him the "government's star cooperator." Is he a discredited witness or a star cooperator? He can't be both....

4.) How is it that we knew how to pronounce John Alite's name back in the 1990s? Could it be that we had a brother-in-law who did some time in prison for racketeering but was terrified before he went in that John Alite was going to kill him? Yes... we have a personal frame of reference with which we approach this topic.

5.) Why won't Junior Gotti give a single interview without a lawyer by his side and why are there always conditions? Yes, we know what you'll say: the feds may continue to harass him. So how do you explain his actions, period?

We have many more questions for you. How is it that Junior has two "crackheads" for friends? He said he was stabbed while trying to stop a fight between two crackheads who were his friends. He was stabbed in the parking lot of a CVS that had no working video surveillance on the night in question.... Which reminds us -- Who stabbed him?

Yes, we have questions.... But on with the program.....

Here is Peter Lance's email. We respect him for having the courtesy to write us and express his opinion.

Of the very few high-profile figures who have recognized us, he is the first to do so directly and on the record. We have to credit him for this and we do. We link to his Greg Scarpa book here.

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We may not agree with what you say, but we'll defend with our lives your right to say it... 

I was happy to see your more balanced coverage of John A. Gotti's new book, following the release of "Gotti's Rules," which has gotten a lot of play, despite the fact that it's based almost entirely on the utterly discredited account of John "Johnny Corvette" Alite, whom the Feds never again used as a witness after he was found so lacking in credibility by the jury in John's 4th trial.

Afterward, some jurors said they were evenly split throughout their deliberations on all counts. But they were unanimous on one point: The government's star cooperator, admitted mob enforcer and former Gotti friend John Alite, bombed on the witness stand.

I'd be most appreciative if you added to your site this link to the 23 page foreword I wrote for "Shadow."

I filed the piece only after extensively researching John "Junior's" multiple federal trials and coming away convinced that it was the Feds who should have been charged under RICO for their misconduct once he'd pled guilty to racketeering, paid millions in fines & restitution and served 77 months ending in 2004.

John approached me in August after having read my fourth book from HarperCollins, "Deal With The Devil," an epic investigation of the Bureau's 30+ year relationship with Greg "The Grim Reaper" Scarpa Sr.

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  1. I agree with Peter cant trust him alite is a soft punk a rat lol if he was so tough should of did his time

  2. I gotta call you! Been busy - but nothing personal! Gotta lot of guys I need to call...on a deadline today....

  3. Thank you OZ man!

  4. shut up If you cant do your time your a punk And I aint hiding I been federal pen did some work and did my time like a man dont believe heres my fbop#79813280 your the one hiding behind a screen

  5. You did some work and you're posting it on a board. What was it yard work? Don't get nasty on a computer, you're not impressing me and for sure you ain't scaring me. I think you're full of shit and I stand by it. Period!

  6. I checked out your info. You the guy from Texas, JJT? I understand....John Alite altogether did about 18 years, two of which were in Brazil. One of the worst prison's on earth, according to the UN. Heresay is a friend of mine and he's slouch either. Me, I'm just a writer.


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