Lufthansa Crew Darkened Dog Killer's Door

Peter "Bud" Zuccaro

Bud Zuccaro must've had a heart attack that day when he heard pounding on his front door and opened it up, only to see Jimmy the Gent standing there, along with Tommy Two-Guns and others.

They were fuming over something, but Bud probably had no idea over what or why. He was probably more concerned with impending death staring him in the eye.

James "Jimmy the Gent" Burke killed enough people to fill a cemetery under a boccie court (according to Henry Hill, who was probably exaggerating somewhat.). 

Tommy "Two-Guns" DeSimone was a certified maniac, who shot a kid to death for no good reason. Joe Pesci's version of Tommy was immortalized in Martince Scorcese's Goodfellas.

Vinny Asaro, a known made guy, also was there, with others. All were linked to the Lufthansa Heist at Kennedy Airport in Queens, New York.
Burke, DeSimone, Asaro and the others had shown up Peter Zuccaro’s home after Zuccaro shot a guard dog,  Zuccaro testified in court today at Vinny Asaro's trial in Brooklyn federal court.

Asaro is on trial for helping to plot the Lufthansa Heist at JFK airport, among other things, including murder-by-dog-leash. (Interesting irony here....)

“The dog zeroed in on me, jumped over the desk, I guess he didn’t recognize me, as started chewing on my arm,” the 60-year-old mob turncoat testified. 

“I shot him in the head. He mauled my arm. I had no choice.” 

Later, Zuccaro said Asaro showed up at his home with other members of the Lufthansa heist crew.

Frank Burke also was there, along with Parnell “Stacks” Edwards (Samuel L. Jackson played him in Goodfellas.)

The beef was later settled without anybody getting hurt by then-Bonanno capo Joseph Massino, who flipped in 2005 and is also testifying against Asaro.

“Joe, I’m your brother, who do you believe?” Asaro complained, according to Zuccaro. 

“I believe you but this kid (Zuccaro) is no liar,” Massino replied, Zuccaro said. 

Zuccaro testified there was not much honor among the Lufthansa thieves. 

Frank Burke blabbed about the robbery and had told Zucarro that Asaro and his cousin, Gaspare Valenti, were also involved. 

“He led me to believe he was set for life,” Zuccaro said of Frank Burke. 

“Frankie said Vinny kept Gaspare’s end (of the Lufthansa loot) and was trying to blame Jimmy Burke.” 

Valenti got his revenge for that by visiting the FBI in 2008 to make a deal. He agreed to wear a wire and became an informant. If Asaro had paid his cousin what was owed, it's unlikely that the 80-year-old Asaro would be on trial in the first place.

Zuccaro, an admitted murderer and pot-smoker who arrived in court from witness protection, also related the story of how he and others beat, then shot in the ass, Carmine Agnello, then-boyfriend of Victoria Gotti on John Gotti's orders. 

Agnello’s crime was beating up Victoria, according to published reports. 

Like Asaro, Zuccaro is from a section of East New York they all call “The Hole.” 

“It looked like a meteor hit something,” is how he described the area in  court. “It was a hole below sea level.”