Shooting Gotti: Scene with John Travolta Filmed in Brooklyn This Week

John Gotti and Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano were spotted in Brooklyn, New York, this past Tuesday chatting like it was 1989...

Well, not really...

John Travolta and William DeMeo -- who play the former Gambino crime family boss and underboss -- were seen in Brooklyn filming scenes for The Life And Death of John Gotti.

John Travolta was seen in Brooklyn filming for The Life and Death of John Gotti
William DeMeo, left, as Sammy, and John Travolta Gotti.
Scenes for biopic were filmed Tuesday. Courtesy of The Daily Mail.

The crew reportedly was shooting near the corner of Bath and 17th Avenues, as the Brooklyn Reporter noted.

Also spotted among the "Gotti" crew was Leo Rossi, who plays Bartholomew (Bobby) Boriello.

And of course, director (and Entourage star) Kevin Connolly was there.

 Courtesy of The Daily Mail.

Filming for The Life and Death of John Gotti started last August in Cincinnati, Ohio. Travolta was seen for the first time "in character" on July 26th wearing a gray wig, mock turtleneck, charcoal suit jacket and black pants.

Travolta has been attached to this film from the beginning despite changes in personnel in terms of actors and directors.

The quality of the story was one of the major factors behind his decision to play Gotti in the film, Travolta has said.
 Courtesy of The Daily Mail.

"Kevin presented his take to me, which is the vision I've always wanted, and I believe the vision John Jr. wanted," Travolta was quoted saying. "It's a small character study of John Jr. and John Sr. that investigates the realness and grittiness of their rapport and the historical events of the Gotti family."

The Gotti project has been in and out of turnaround for years. Major Hollywood names were attached to the project, including Al Pacino, Ben Foster, and Joe Pesci. (As well as other Hollywood names, such as Lindsey Lohan and Kim Kardashian (one hesitates to put them in the same category as Pacino, etc.)

Directors Nick Cassavetes, Barry Levinson, and Joe Johnston were previously named to helm the gangster biopic, which commenced with a storyline emphasis on the father-son dynamic. Now the film focuses on John Gotti, the one and only...

John (Junior) with Boriello. Courtesy of John Alite Facts

Bobby Boriello Shooting....
On April 13, 1991, Bobby Boriello was shot to death outside his Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, home.

Luchese crime family underboss Anthony (Gaspipe) Casso reportedly ordered the hit and Luchese capo Frank (Big Frank) Lastorino carried it out, shooting Boriello twice in the head and five times in the torso.

Boriello died on the street outside his Bay 29th Street home.
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Several federal agencies were investigating the acting capo at the time of his murder. Gambino informant Dominick LoFaro, who died in 2003 in the Witness Protection Program, had told the Feds that Boriello was among the Gambino crime family's most accomplished shooters.

Boriello's wife, Susan, realized 15 years after the shooting that her husband's fate had been sealed weeks prior to his death "when a broad-shouldered NYPD detective came alone to their new home in Bensonhurst asking if Boriello lived there."

The NYPD detective, she later learned, was Louis Eppolito.

This was revealed in a 2006 New York Post article.

"He showed up alone, said he was a detective, showed a badge, pushed his jacket back to show a gun, did not give his name, but asked, 'Does Bobby Boriello live here?'"

"I told him my husband wasn’t home, and he said he’d be back, but he never returned," she said.

Susan had no clue at the time that Eppolito and his partner, Steven Caracappa, worked for Gaspipe Casso, who paid them regularly for information.

The two allegedly provided Casso with Boriello’s address and an audiocassette in which Boriello repeatedly threatened Casso and his family, according to the Feds.

In March 2005, Susan learned about the so-called Mafia cops and their alleged involvement in her husband's murder.

"I did not pay much attention until I heard Bobby’s name," she said. "I was shocked."

When she viewed a newspaper photograph of Eppolito, she recognized him as the cop who had visited her home prior to the shooting.

Caracappa had interviewed her father on the night Boriello was killed, it was later learned.

During the shooting, Susan was in the kitchen feeding the couple’s 2-year-old son. Another son was out of the house at the time.

“I suddenly just heard Bobby yelling outside,” Susan said.

Susan viewed a large-sized man leap into a gold Lincoln Town Car on the passenger side moments before the vehicle sped away.

She went outside the house and saw her husband "lying face down, next to the car, all full of blood and holes." She called 911.

For the next 14 years, she knew only rumors about Boriello’s murder, which supposedly was part of a revenge plot directed against John Gotti and those who helped him take control of the Gambino crime family in December 1985, when boss Paul Castellano and underboss Tommy Bilotti were slain in Manhattan.

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Ultimately, prosecutors eliminated several murders from the Mafia cops indictment, including the Boriello murder. This was done in an attempt to make the prosecution of the case more manageable, according to reports.


  1. Jr yr an informant.302 some how gotten Out.Travolta playing Gotti.This guy's choices.Jr is Doing It for the Money.Jr Act's like he is better than little breeze from the Outfit or any Informant.Giving Info of any kind to the feds in anyway breaks rules!People want jr dead real Bad.That's the talk.Not now.One day.Thats not from the Gambino's. He should go hide not drag His family & his dad's name threw the mud. Retired from The mob?What does he think he Worked for the Nypost? Time to Retire? No you were forced out Stripped of everything. Banished Like any Informant. Like Bingy.Now this movie..Jr is starting to Make people think different. The beef .Yr Acting Like a rat.Bad move.He Should hide in the Shadows.Take care of his wife and Family. But No! What does this guy do? He Makes a movie With Travolta.He does a 302 with the Feds. 4 captains /Bosses hate jr! Now 2 famlies hate this Guy. He never gave anyone any break. Kept stole. Did a lot of wrong things in our world. Now This movie. Travolta in that pic doesn't Look like gotti in anyway. that face he is making looks like he has a hernia or pulled something. It's sad While laughable. What this thing has become. Lots Of informants .3 bosses son's all Talked/ ratted. Now this movie. The world knows Gotti jr talked.One Thing About the Gotti's They can't stay out of the lime light. Have some pride. You Lost Respect your buttom/Position And the 2nd fanily your Suppose to put first.Everyone knows Without Joe Piney Armone .The Paul hit would have never Happened. He was the guy .I was just Coming up then .Piney was the Guy that gotten all the Captains in line. He went to the other Familes that were with the plan.The Armone's are from the 50's who helped clip Albert A. Piney Had Huge H' connections threw out The world.Canada was Big for piney and Steve G . Then Piney Had a 300 million dollar a year Sports book with his Nephews. Piney had lots of juice respect & Power. Aside .Jr 302 means Talked! We all know this. Lot of people died for yr dad. That said if You love yr dad.Stop. I know Whats Coming. Don't Think the feds won't get you on any 187 Or Anything from yrs ago. They Will. Stop flashing. This Movie .The way its done. Along with all else You have done. For money. None the Less.You Should be ashamed. We street guys..we felt You Were handed the keys and Everything because of your dad anyway. Then after he goes you cave & rat. Lie Deny it.Lol.Then Make a movie.Just listen to that how it sounds to any street Guy. Other famlies In other states .Now yr making them hate you from 1000 miles Away .
    John Alite Was a tough street guy .Now he talked and so did you. So did a lot of guys Sorry to Say.You are no Different! ..Even making yourself look worse! why? Because your Johnny Gotti's Kid! Wake up! Look at your kids. Then say is this worth it? Hopefully you do and still are not Selfish And self Centered . But it's hard for a selfish lion to change. When he wants all the meat For himself even when he is full! I Had to do this after what i heard over the weekend.Ed this is
    The only time i'll ever do anythng like this.Ed Scarpo I do read yr print.Very entertaining.I never Post. What a jerkoff move with this movie. Travolta. Playing Gotti. In between Kissing the Extras. Nice Jr. Nice Move.My god what were you thinking! This will follow you in a Bad way forever. Mark my Words. Well i said What i had to say.Ed best wishes.Tommy 2 Tone.


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