Documentary About Women of the Mafia Slated

In 2015, one of the best documentaries about the American Mafia in years ran on television.

It aired in the U.K. and was never seen on television in this country, though it's available online. (It is truly baffling that the best modern American Mafia documentaries are no longer being made in America.)

ToniMarie Ricci on Sir Trevor Howard
ToniMarie Ricci, formerly married to Mikie Scars, descends from mob royalty.

Now the same group out of Britain is airing a follow-up to the 2015 show. The new program, two hourlong episodes, is called Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald, which is slated to debut on February 16 of this year.

This time, Trevor McDonald interviews the wives, girlfriends, sisters and daughters of members of the Mafia.

Among the women appearing on the show are ToniMarie Ricci, ex-wife of Michael DiLeonardo, aka Mikie Scars, former Gambino capo, and Linda Scarpa, Gregory Scarpa Senior's daughter.

Also on the show this year is former Colombo crime family capo Anthony Russo and his new girlfriend, who knew nothing of Russo's former Mafia life when the two met.

Russo is not related to alleged acting boss Andrew (Mush) Russo; Anthony, however, was described as one of Mush's "most reliable captains." The Daily News reported about a bugged conversation during which Russo was recorded telling an informant that there was a "rat real close to us."

Russo talked about finding the individual and decapitating him, according to transcripts.

Russo was charged with racketeering, as well as the 1993 murder of Colombo underboss Joseph Scopo, one of the last casualties of the crime family's third civil war.

Linda Scarpa, daughter of notorious Colombo capo Greg Scarpa Senior will discuss her infamous father, as well as her brother's tragic story. The 1990s Colombo war made an indelible mark on Linda when the shooting commenced literally on her doorstep. Colombo shooters in a van pulled up behind her car while she and her baby were getting inside. (Linda was once married to former Colombo turncoat Thomas McLaughlin.)

Linda also has a book out, The Mafia Hit Man's Daughter.

A contemplative ToniMarie....We are hoping to speak with ToniMarie and Linda.
ToniMarie Ricci, in addition to formerly being married to DiLeonardo, is related to John Gotti's first underboss, Frank "Frankie Cheech" DeCicco (November 5, 1935 - April 13, 1986).

On April 13, 1986, a hired explosives expert went to the Veterans & Friends Social Club in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, where Gambino boss John Gotti and Frank DeCicco were attending a meeting. 

The bomber secretly attached a bomb to DeCicco’s car’s underside. 

Later, DeCicco exited the club and went to his car accompanied by Luchese soldier Frank (Frankie Hearts) Bellino, who supposedly resembled Gotti. DeCicco wanted to give Bellino a business card from out of his car. The bomber mistook Bellino for Gotti and detonated the bomb.

The blast tore the automobile apart, killing DeCicco instantly. Bellino lost several toes but survived.

Gotti was not even at the social club at the time.

Gotti, who was expecting war, instructed all Gambino made men and associates to attend DeCicco's wake, which was held at a funeral home near the bombing site. 

To replace DeCicco, Gotti ultimately appointed capo Joseph Armone as underboss.

Previously, Mikie Scars corroborated some things ToniMarie had said. DiLeonardo noted that, despite what Carla Facciolo had said to the contrary, the former Mob Wives star had known he was married to ToniMarie at the time of their relationship. (Apparently so does most of Brooklyn, Staten Island, and possibly other boroughs.)

Michael DiLeonardo reminded me that it's in his testimony.

On social media, Carla called us out, saying that we, presumably referring to this blog, didn't know everything. 

We invite Carla to tell us her side of the story. She can email us confidentially.

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Sir Trevor McDonald's two-part series from 2015, The Mafia With Trevor McDonald, focused primarily on the Mafia in recent decades, interviewing several former members of the Mafia, including Michael DiLeonardo, Michael Franzese, John Alite, Ron Previte, Ralph Natale and an unidentified man said to be working as a Bonanno crime family associate.

Here is the first episode of that show: