Stories of Lady Bartenders and Their Wiseguy Patrons Set Against NYC's Rocking '80s-90s Nightclub Scene

REVISED This Life Of Ours: Fairy Tales Of Mob Bartenders is the first book in a female-centric series.
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It tells the other side of the traditional mob love story about what it's like for a nice girl from New York to fall for a notorious mobster.

Diane Morton-Gattullo is the author of This Life Of Ours: Fairy Tales Of Mob Bartenders. Available now, the nearly 500-page book details the mobbed-up nightlife scene of New York City circa 1980s-1990s.

An excerpt from Life of Ours:

"This is an invitation only club and if you’re lucky you might be invited to the VIP section. This life is not for the faint of heart. Remember, you’ll never know if you have a real friend once you enter our world. My name is Dannie and I will be your guide on the Crazy Train Express! We break for no one but stop at fuck me, feed me and paying my bills way, the fun house, mob dens, nightclubs and jail. Please don’t sit near the windows; you could be shot in the head. Ladies, these are the top 10 most important things to remember:

1.​ Live for the moment, no one can promise a better tomorrow.

2.​ Don't open your mouth, never repeat anything you see or hear, ever!

3.​ Save your money, because you're going to need it.

4. ​Don't cheat; you'll create bigger problems than you started with. 

5.​ Don't steal; your guy is a big enough thief for both of you.

6.​ Look hot, stay hot, and most of all feel hot, because when you feel sexy, you are!

7.​ Party like a rock star, tip like a gangster, and dress to impress!

8.​ Walk with an air of self-confidence and never appear weak, because you are the strong girl everyone wishes they were.

9.​ Be loyal to your friends, but don’t allow them to mistreat you. Friends never compete; talk negatively or deliberately hurt one another. When that happens, walk away; otherwise, they will confuse kindness with weakness. You can forgive, but never forget!

10.​ Have no regrets because you live more in one night than most people do in a lifetime!

I want you to understand our life is like standing on the edge of a cliff. You can choose to step back and not jump, but then you’ll never know what I know...what we know, or you can take the leap because it's going to be one hell of a ride! Can you handle the rules? If so, strap yourself in for a wild fucking adventure! When the veil is pulled back, this is the way it works..."

Dannie, a popular in-demand bartender, works in several of the city’s hottest nightclubs.

Life evolves from the routine when she meets a gangster named Babe the day he's released from prison.

Diane Morton-Gattullo, author of This Life Of Ours

Babe pursues her relentlessly, though the mob, like a silent stone monolith, remains the quiet obstacle separating them.

Dannie was the only one Babe could be vulnerable around and when potential danger arises he swears to protect her. As the violence escalates, Dannie manages to survive an attempted assassination. Seeking out Babe in the night she unwittingly stumbles upon a secret that brings them more tragedy than anything the mob could've done to them.

Available now in the Amazon Kindle format for $9.99, Diane tells us that $1 of every ebook sold will be donated to

The late (great) Big Ang from Mob Wives....

She decided to do this "in loving memory of my friend Angela Raiola-Murphy, Big Ang."