Lone Mob Gunman Shot Up Front of Mafia-Linked Brooklyn Restaurant

A mobbed-up lone gunman shot up the front of a mob-linked Brooklyn restaurant early Sunday in what law enforcement sources said was a “message” to the owners.

Marco Polo Ristorante in Carroll Gardens was shot up
Bullet holes on front door weren't on the menu.

Carroll Gardens’ Marco Polo Ristorante was targeted before 8 a.m., when an employee noticed the eatery's front windows and doors were pocked with bullet holes.

The trattoria, which opened in 1983, is considered a Court Street institution, one with deep mob ties.

Co-owner Marco Chricio told The New York Post that the restaurant "was caught in the crossfire between battling gangs from neighboring Gowanus and Red Hook housing projects."

Not so fast... The cops disputed that assessment, noting that the restaurant itself was targeted. There's surveillance footage from a neighboring business that seems to bolster that claim.

Ten shell casings were discovered across the street in front of the Body Elite gym, which captured via its surveillance system footage of a lone hooded man creeping around on the street at 6 a.m., when the shots were fired.

Owner Joseph Chirico, 73, pleaded guilty to laundering money for the Gambino crime family in 2008, but dodged prison thanks to character references from former Brooklyn borough presidents Howard Golden and Marty Markowitz, both of whom had once accepted campaign donations from the mobbed-up restaurateur, the Post reported.

One neighbor to the restaurant took the violence in stride, saying  the food is "phenomenal."