The Commission Lives? Wiretap Evidence Suggests Mob's Top Governing Body Is Active

Court room proceedings in Hamilton, Ontario, involve wiretap recordings that make some startling revelations, including that the Mafia Commission is calling the shots again ...

Vincent Fish Cafaro watches as Fat Tony holds court. 

Domenico Violi, 52, was caught in an investigation that went high and deep and featured a wire-wearing turncoat getting inducted into a New York Mafia family.

As Adrian Humphreys reports for The National Post, "(t)he wiretaps, although untested in court, suggest a re-evaluation of some of what is publicly known about the current state of legendary Mafia families in the U.S., often referred to as La Cosa Nostra.

"Violi, for instance, allegedly claimed on wiretap recordings that he had been made the Underboss of the Buffalo Mafia, the second-highest position in American Mafia families. If the claim is true, he would be the only person in Canada to ever be named to one of the top leadership positions in any U.S.-based Mafia clan.

"It is shocking for several reasons, not the least of which is that the Buffalo Mafia, although once a powerful cross-border criminal enterprise, has been moribund for years.

"The conversations suggest a resurrection as well as open lines of communications between the major American mob families remaining intact despite fierce law enforcement crackdowns that caused disarray.

"And, according to the documents, the Mafia’s legendary Commission, the ruling body over all of the main American mob families, may no longer be a completely mothballed, inactive institution."