Mob Granddaughters Karen Gravano and RaMona Rizzo Open Pizza Nostra, Italian Eatery

Make way for the Mob Granddaughters.... (Or Families of the Mafia, we should say? This restaurant was featured in a recent episode of the new MTV reality show that -- we thought -- would be about Sammy the Bull, but isnt....)

They have the same names as their moms and are near identical in looks too....

RaMona Rizzo and Karen Gravano, the daughters of the women many of us know from the reality TV series Mob Wives, have opened an Italian eatery named Pizza Nostra. 

The combination restaurant/pizzeria opened Friday on Union Blvd in Totowa, New Jersey. (It took us three drafts before we realized that they are the daughters and not the Mob Wives themselves....)

The 45-seat Italian eatery has wood tables. Complementing the decor are family photos and newspaper clippings about their families' criminal doings and Mafia connections. (Not a sentence we'd have expected to write...)

The executive chef is Ryan Vargo of Edgewater, who told the pizzeria will be a "family place" serving old-school Italian food with a modern touch.

"People who come here can get a glimpse of these people's lives," he said.

Karen Gravano, daughter of Karen Gravano, is the granddaughter of former Gambino underboss Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano, the man who helped bring down John Gotti and confessed to 19 gangland hits.

RaMona Rizzo, daughter of Ramona Rizzo, is the great  granddaughter of Bonanno soldier Benjamin (Lefty Two-Guns) Ruggiero, from the Donnie Brasco case, which is ancient history to these millennials. (Her grandfather is a Gambino capo...we'll leave that there...)

PIZZA NOSTRA is located at 560 Union Blvd in Totowa NJ. Phone number is (201)657-1400... 

Tell em Ed Scarpo sent ya....