Former Enforcer Rails Against The Bonannos

Back in the early 1990s, one of longtime Bonanno wiseguy Vinny Asaro's daughters was assaulted.

Gene Borrello

Donna Cavalcante cracked her over the head with a rock glass in Butterfingers on Crossbay Boulevard after they got into an argument. Donna, at the time, was dating a member of Charles Carneglia's crew. Charlie is the heavy hitter with the Gambino family now serving life.

Vinny Asaro sent his son Jerry to kill Donna, and he almost did, shooting her four times after catching her across the street from Butterfingers at the Shell Bank.

Donna had fled into the ladies room and was shot through the door in the leg and in the ass.

She went to the hospital -- but refused to identify who put the bullets in her.

Then two weeks later, while she was at a payphone -- Vinny Asaro suddenly tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to look at him and he told here, "See how easy it's gonna be?"

Carneglia then stepped in and squashed the feud.... Donna was a female gangster, tougher than some men, vivacious and beautiful...(we wanna meet her.)

Initially, Asaro apparently sought to put Carneglia off, telling him: "I don't go to sitdowns."

"Vinny was a gangster's gangster," Gene Borrello tells us.

He had actually complimented Vinny, which baffled us. But then he got to the point...

"I abused women, they said," Gene tells us. "They tried to make me look like that."

"They abused women. Women know him as a rapist They accused Vinny of multiple sex crimes."

Nothing came of it, though, because they threatened the family of one woman, and probably others, because none of the women who came forward would ultimately testify against him. (Three guesses who "they" is...)

 "See how easy it's gonna be?"

For being a Bonanno enforcer, Borrello faced damning testimony regarding extensive violence from more than two-dozen mob "rats" (most of whom, Gene assures us, are operating right now).

He's all of 35 years old and faced a life sentence. He's already served more than five years and is none too pleased that some of his old pals in the Bonanno family have apparently been doing their best to muddy his name.

As a result, we also offer the following:

When former boss Joe Massino flipped in 2005, Michael Padavona knew that gold bars were hidden in his house. (Mike's friend had installed the safe in Massino's house.) Padavona told Asaro and Asaro sent word to rob Massino (the Feds would say they found $3 million in gold bars in Massino's house).

"Vinny wanted me and Bobbie G and Mike Padavona to home invade Massino's house. We were about to go in, but then he told us he thought the Feds had" the gold. So Asaro called the robbery off.

"Vinny wanted us to tie up the whole family. He kept telling us, You gotta hit that house! We cased the place," but then they called it off....

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