Gang Land News Calls Him A One-Man Crime Wave But Gene Borrello Tells Cosa Nostra News He Worked For Bonanno Family


Residents of Howard Beach should take a chill pill -- and understand that they have nothing to fear because the wiseguys responsible for terrorizing that Queens neighborhood for years are both in jail.

  Gene Borrello
Gene Borrello

Their names: alleged Bonanno capo Vinny Asaro, 84, who now spends his days at Springfield MCFP and isn't due out until May 21, 2022, and alleged acting Bonanno capo Ronnie Giallanzo, 49, who calls Butner Medium FCI home these days and is due out on May 21, 2029.

This, in effect, is what former Bonanno associate Gene Borrello wants to tell residents of Howard Beach, he recently told Cosa Nostra News.

"I took orders from Ronnie G and Vinny Asaro," Gene said, "I was a shooter for the Bonanno family."

On Thursday Gang Land News called Gene Borrello an "animal" who "forced himself into the homes of law-abiding citizens, tied them up, placed a gun to their head and stole their life savings and personal belongings." Borrello, as per Gang Land, is a lowlife thug, as well as a one-man crime wave who ran a crew that pulled off terrifying break-ins -- and who also pulled the wool over the eyes of the Feds while helping them put away 20-plus Bonanno badguys including Giallanzo and Asaro.

"I wasn't the boss, Ronnie was -- he was the one who lived in the $3 million house in the corner, not me."

Borrello shot people, but not because he wanted to, he was ordered to. Ronnie sent him with a gun after people: a rival drug dealer in 2005 and someone who owed Giallanzo money in 2011.

For talking to the government, Borrello supposedly got an "early Christmas present last week — a time-served prison term of five years," as Gang Land reported Thursday. Borrello's release supposedly outraged residents of Howard Beach even though, as Gang Land acknowledges, the neighborhood "boasts more than a few wiseguy residents and usually has a high tolerance for mob antics."

Borrello, who apparently isn't among the connected hoods tolerated by the locals, takes deep issue with how Gang Land has portrayed him, telling Cosa Nostra News that those home invasions he was behind were done expressly on the orders of the Bonanno family -- specifically, alleged acting capo Ronnie G and longtime capo Vinny Asaro (among other Bonanno wiseguys, including alleged soldier John (Bazoo) Ragano).

Borrello only robbed houses after he was given the key and intelligence about the homeowner's mob-linked financial situation. In one specific case, the Bonannos told him that the homeowner had been given a large cash payment from the Gambino family.

Gang Land "said I robbed civilians, but they were all loansharks and drug dealers," Borrello tells us.

"People are lying" to Gang Land, Borrello says. "It was all crime figures we targeted."

Borrello isn't claiming he's an angel. Nothing of the sort. In fact he readily discussed his life of crime with us in detail. He also tells us, very sincerely in our humble opinion, that he's no longer in the life and that he has retired from the street and is no longer a lawbreaker.

He wants to tell Jerry Capeci that all the crimes he's committed since 19 (his age at the time of his first arrest) were in service to Cosa Nostra.

"I was doing it for the mob," he says. "I wasn't out there terrorizing people. I only hurt the people Vinny and Ronny had me hurt. I made sure they both stayed multi-millionaires." Gang Land's sources, he says, "are exaggerating all this robbery stuff."

"I was on the street doing all their dirty work, and now they make me look like I was just a dirt bag. Jerry Capeci made me look like a home invasion guy."

(As per Gang Land, Borrello would point to a tattoo of a gun on his belly when he threatened his "victims." Pure nonsense, Gene told us. "I never did that.”)

Borrello has known Giallanzo and Asaro since he was young, noting, "I did a lot of violence for them."

The Feds haven't even released his proffers, and the media only knows "little bits and pieces" of what happened in the various cases he's tied to, he says.

Ronnie G and Pudgy Festa meet two Colombos
Ronnie G and Pudgy Festa meet with a Colombo capo and associate in 2006.

Gene discussed one robbery in particular, noting how a Bonanno soldier had handed him the key to the house that was robbed. "We had to tie up the wife" because she was in the house when she wasn't supposed to be.

That robbery alone netted the Bonanno-linked crew almost a half-million in jewelry and loanshark money. The homeowner, in that case, was robbed because the Bonanno family told Borrello to rob him because they had known --and had transmitted the information to Borrello -- that the homeowner had gotten a large cash payment from alleged Gambino wiseguy Vincenzo (Vinny Carwash) Frogiero. (The homeowner in this case was himself a mobbed up loanshark, in other words.)

"We knew the cash would be in the house," Borrello said, noting that, around that time, there was a beef between the two crime families, the Bonannos and the Gambinos.

Discussing some other crimes he was involved in over the years, Borrello noted how, back in 2005, Ronnie G's brother  nephew Richie handed over a score, a Queens-based storefront where people played cards.

"He never told us whose place it was. I rob the guy for $50,000 in cash and jewelry. It was Angelo Ruggiero's place," meaning the son of the Angelo (Quack Quack) Ruggiero, the former Gambino soldier and yearslong confidant of John Gotti -- who late in life disowned Ruggiero while he was dying of cancer.

After robbing Quack Quack's son inadvertently, they had to give all the money back.

"He ratted us out (to Ruggiero) in two minutes and almost got us killed."

Borrello also allegedly had a consequential connection to one of the many Johns in the Gotti family.

"They also said Gotti's grandson was under me. He was blabbing his mouth off. He went and told the whole neighborhood he blew up a car. That was when he gets locked up on the state case and tells the reporters it was over his name. They are like the Kardashians, the Gottis are like the Kardashians. They will do anything to be on television."

Speaking of one of the shootouts detailed by the Feds, Borrello said, "Ronnie G sent me to kill Chris. I was sent after him after Pudgy (Nicholas Festa) got robbed for the 20th time in a month."

As per the Feds 

In 2005, Festa, then a Bonanno associate assigned to Giallanzo, was a large-scale drug dealer and loanshark who had been robbed multiple times.

Festa reported to Giallanzo that he believed that John Doe #5 (Chris) had been involved in the robberies.

John Doe #5 told Giallanzo that he was not involved but Giallanzo did not believe him. Thus, Giallanzo ordered a Bonanno associate (“Associate-1” who is Gene Borrello) to shoot (but not kill) John Doe #5 in retaliation for the robberies.

Associate-1 did as directed and, with other members of Giallanzo’s crew, searched for John Doe #5.

For instance, on one occasion, Giallanzo and defendant Michael Padavona dropped Associate-1 and defendant Michael Palmaccio outside a residence in which they believed John Doe #5 was living and waited for him to come outside. Giallanzo gave both Palmaccio and Associate-1 guns, which they stored in the wheel wells of cars parked along the curb.

After a few hours of waiting without John Doe #5 leaving the residence, Associate-1 and Palmaccio got back into the car with Giallanzo and Padavona and left the area.

On another occasion, Associate-1 was walking near his apartment in Howard Beach and saw John Doe #5 in a vehicle with John Doe #5’s girlfriend (“Girlfriend-1”). John Doe #5 saw Associate-1, exited the car and confronted Associate-1. 

Associate-1 then pulled a gun, walked toward John Doe #5 and shot at him, grazing his arm. Girlfriend-1 then struck Associate-1 with her vehicle and sped off. After the incident, Associate-1 reported to Giallanzo, who found out that John Doe #5 had been injured but not killed. ...

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