New Trial In The Cards For Philadelphia Mobster Nicky Slick DiPietro?

Photo is of Nicky Slick, on left, and Bonanno wiseguy Tommy Karate Pitera.... 

By Nick Christophers
In a time where almost anything goes, wrongly incarcerated wiseguy Nicky (Nicky Slick) DiPietro may have a small chance of getting sprung after spending 18 years in prison for a crime some believe he did not do.
Nicky Slick, left, Tommy Karate Pitera
LIFERS: Nicky Slick, left, Tommy Karate Pitera

In 2000, Nicky and three other men were club hopping in South Philly. It was a night that would alter his life. One of the men with Nicky Slick that night we refer to as Blondie.

They arrived at the venue Club Deco and were about to enter. The front door had a metal detector, but the back entrance did not. Nicky and one of the men entered through the front and “Blondie” and the other man went the back way. Once they were inside and mingled for a while a dispute arose near the dance floor. The dispute involved Blondie and another man, later known as Tad Green.

Tad Green was a local drug dealer. Green supposedly owed Blondie money and an argument ensued, and a gun shot was heard. Tad hit the floor and pandemonium took over. People were running everywhere. Blondie, Nicky Slick and the others bolted out the door and Blondie handed the piece to Nicky. Nicky tossed it away.

Eventually, the police arrived, and witness’ pointed to the men getting into a car. Nicky Slick was arrested. Statements were taken by three witness’ at the station. They described the shooter as blonde, 6 foot tall with a Yankee bomber jacket. Tad Green was rushed to a hospital where he later passed on. The police never went to the hospital to question him prior to him passing, which seemed odd. Also, the description of the shooter was nowhere near that of Nicky’s.

Nicky Slick would be charged with murder and stand trial. The trial was a sham from the start as it would later be revealed many things were against him before he even stepped into the court. First off, the three witness’ never materialized, two opted out not to testify and the other left Philly. So, he had no public support. During the trial, his own attorney turned on him and told the presiding judge that Nicky Slick admitted to him that he committed the crime, which was not true.

Thirdly, there were two jurors who were felons and lied on the questionnaire that they did not have prior records. The two jurors were Michelle Taylor Carter and Darryl Simmons. If this were known they would have been removed and two honest jurors could have taken their place. Nicky Slick was convicted and has so far served 18 years of his life sentence. Even though, Nicky Slick was not a model citizen and a career criminal connected to the Philly mafia he did not commit this crime.

All the while the real shooter Blondie has been on the street and has never seen the inside of a prison cell. No one is that good. It is known that he ran with a crew in Philly that dealt narcotics the whole crew has done time except him. After his own brother Johnny was killed, he never avenged his death. He ran off to NY and linked up with an Albanian gang that with him were swept up in a drug sting. Blondie of course was not arrested. Allegedly he went ahead and opened pizzerias back in Philly.

Yours truly, also received a call from Blondie complaining about a previous article I wrote, about this twisted Bulger-like story. It is believed that Blondie has been a protected CI for over 20 years. Yet that is not even an issue to Nicky Slick now as he is gearing up to save his life and possibly unite with his children again. Based on the evidence that his own attorney falsely offered the judge a statement that Nicky never said to him. His own attorney sold him out to the DA and the Judge at the trial. In his second trial the same DA and Judge were assigned to the case and his attorney’s assistant took over and who is to say that he did not sell him out as well? If this and more are revealed it can possibly exonerate him and so he will not die in prison.

Along with family members, he has opened a GoFundMe page to assist in paying for an attorney to expose this new evidence. Anyone who believes in justice and that anyone wrongly convicted deserves to be freed and exonerated, please consider visiting the webpage.

Nick Christophers, who authored several Mafia-related books (see his website for additional information), wrote this story as Nicky Slick DiPietro's advocate. After researching the case several years ago and speaking to DiPietro, Nick is seeking the truth. You can read more about this story, including an interview with Nicky Slick, here at Gentleman’s Head Quarters.