San Giuseppe Cigars Does It Again With Another Successful Event

By Nick Christophers
It was an odd warm evening in October as a crowd gathered in the outdoor yard of Bacaro Restaurant in Massapequa, Long Island. Why did such a crowd begin to fill the outdoor yard? It was for another smoking event hosted by San Giuseppe Cigars. On the heels of their last party at Patrizia’s this was on a smaller scale but was a rocking evening, nonetheless.

Owner Joe Bonnano, left, Nick Christophers, far right, and John Michael

The cigar company has been in business for over two years and has made a mark in the cigar industry. 

The owner, Joe Bonanno, has made it his business to create and offer a unique cigar for any palette. Being a cigar smoker himself he knows what his clientele is looking for. He has established a factory in the Dominican Republic where the blends are made a distribution company in Deerfield, Florida
and their corporate office is in Melville, New York.

“All the cigars are made in the DR at my factory. We blend them there and import different blends from Ecuador, Mexico, and Africa to create a unique brand. Especially when it comes to the Celebrity brands for such individuals like Jose Reyes (NY Mets), John Daly (Golf pro), and Larry Walker (Colorado Rockies).” 

Joe who enjoys visiting different restaurants and is a regular at Bacaro’s and good friends with the owner and the chef. They collaborated on making the event a reality and it turned out to be an intimate setting which brought together cigar lovers, friends, and family, which is what Joe was aiming for.

Only recently they have placed the John Daly cigar at Trump Golf course and at the Trump Resorts. John himself is a big advocate for the brand and enjoys the cigar regularly. Joe explains that his brand is unique as it is a boutique cigar with major celebrities who are behind it, which separates it from others.

“Sometimes you need a new experience with a cigar that has a good blend, a good draw and solid construction with that you have a new smoker hooked. That is what helps to decipher us from others.”