Lisa Crapella

We want Lisa Crapella to be our new strategic partner for video production (or something like that)

Executive Director of video production
Cosa Nostra News executive director, content production. 

Who is this Lisa and why are you promoting her?

Excellent question. You see her picture up there, the achingly beautiful woman with the bright smile? She tweeted something to me last year and somehow that led to me researching her and finding her YouTube channel.

That doesn't really answer either question, Ed.

Okay, I'll put it like this. Based on her videos I like the way she talks and holds herself. She's a natural for the camera. The only problem is she needs a topic to make videos about.


She needs stuff to talk about....

Definitely here...

Gotta say, though, me personally, I could watch her doing just about anything... she does pull it off....

I also happened to notice that she grew up with mob connections that she still hasn't told me about. So she's got an understanding of the life that even I don't have.

Anything else?

Yeah, I think when she starts her Cosa Nostra News podcast she's going to be absolutely, positively fabulous.

She's gonna be dynamite.

We're not a couple, folks. It's nothing like that. She's down in Florida, I'm up in New York. There's probably more wiseguys in Florida than in New York anyway these days...

Why give her her own page like this?

It's my blog, I can do whatever I want.... and it's only fair I start promoting her as she's doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

Contact Lisa:
YouTube channel


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