Philadelphia Mob Wives Files

We love the new additions to "Mob Wives" -- namely, Alicia DiMichelle and Natalie Guercio, which doesn't mean we don't still love some of our New York Mob Wives...

We know we've been hard on Alicia, but we can't let our biases influence our reporting. Yes, we love her, too -- a young mother faced with the possibility of going off to prison is heartbreaking... 

And we've made no secret that we love Natalie Guercio. (How can you not love a woman who stands up for herself when physically threatened by a deluded maniac?)

Then a new member joined the cast, one Natalie DiDonato, who is allegedly related to "Frankie Flowers," a now-deceased former associate of the Philadelphia Cosa Nostra. In fact, Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi allegedly "made his bones" by killing "Frankie Flowers" D'Alfonso.

Here is a collection of stories that focus on our Philly darlings...

Bull Victim's Son Prompts 'Mob Wives' Reboot: Karen Gravano: "Alicia DiMichele, who was formerly married to a Colombo associate, will star on the show "Mob Wives" when it debuts -- with DiMichele and another Philadelphia mob wife replacing Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo and Carla Facciolo. (And to think of all the fuss made over the Love Majewski firing...) Not exactly breaking news, we know, but what is interesting is some other information that Jerry broke on his Gangland site last week."

Natalie's a "hot babe," with a "kicking body," as they say.

DiMichele's 'Mob Wives' Salary Revealed by Prosecutors: "Alicia DiMichele, who is to be sentenced tomorrow for her role in a Colombo crime family-related embezzlement scam, earns $8,000 per episode of "Mob Wives," for a total of $96,000. That is according to papers prosecutors filed in Brooklyn federal court last Friday. DiMichele is, in fact, so flush from her earnings from "Mob Wives" and her two Philadelphia boutique stories that she faces a hefty fine of up to $116,000  for embezzling $40,000 from a trucking company, according to prosecutors."

Alicia DiMichele BLASTS Renee Graziano via Twitter: " The Eye : Fashion & Style: "Renee Graziano may be feeling a certain kind of way towards her "Mob Wives: New Blood" costars, but apparently the unsettling feelings between the cast is mutual. "After Renee recently criticized her co-star, Alicia DiMichele, for her decisions to join the show when she was facing jail time, Alicia took to her Twitter to retaliate, Examiner reported. "

'Mob Wives' Debut Party Becomes Slugfest, Guercio's BF a Bruiser: "FROM Here's a shocker ... there was a huge fight at the "Mob Wives" premiere party in NYC last night -- with flying bottles, police and broken bones, TMZ has learned. Sources involved with the situation tell TMZ ... it all started when the BF of new cast member Natalie Guercio (pictured below) got into a verbal argument with another partygoer ... and things quickly escalated. We're told more than ten people started fighting in the middle of the venue ... and multiple sources tell us glass bottles were fired across the party. "

DiMichelle To Face Tough Judge on Sentencing Day: "When the New York Post makes a cover story out of you visiting a courthouse to hear a judge sentence your husband to prison and focuses much of the reporting on the clothes you are wearing, you can pretty much conclude your 15 minutes have begun. It was the day after the "Mob Wives" premiere, at which at least one party-goer was brought to the hospital following the major brawl that busted out there, and Alicia DiMichele, a new star on the show, was off to attend the sentencing of her husband, reputed Colombo enforcer Edward "Tall Guy" Garofalo, Jr., at Brooklyn Federal Court."

 'Mob Wives' Debut Already Playing Out in the Press?: "According to an article published on Page Six on Sunday, Nov. 17, Alicia DiMichele Garofalo has been cheating on her jailed husband, Ed "Tall Guy" Garofalo, with a married man. We researched and reported on Alicia DiMichele in an earlier article in which we noted the couple was divorced or at least in the process of divorcing, and were separated -- and now she's suddenly married, even with the name Garofalo tacked on -- just in time for the season four debut of Mob Wives. "

Unflattering View of "Mob Wives" Appeared in Federal Court: ""[That show] is scripted and edited like any other [show], with scenes and lines taken out of context for dramatic effect." "In reality the show is about a group of women, loosely connected by their so-called affiliation with organized crime, arguing and fighting amongst themselves over petty grievances for the viewing pleasure of people who have no lives of their own." "The sad fact of 21st century life is that people will pay large sums of money to produce shows of this nature, which pander to the basest instincts of a society growing less intelligent by the day." Those are just a few salient points made about the reality show "Mob Wives" by John Wallenstein, attorney for Alicia DiMichele, in a statement filed in Brooklyn federal court last week when DiMichele presented herself before the judge for sentencing. Wallenstein, like any good advocate, is trying to get his client the best deal... "