Boss Rizzuto Inducted Non-Italians into Montreal Mob

The National Post has revealed some stunning information: The boss of the Montreal Mob, Vito Rizzuto, inducted into his family men who were not of Italian descent.

Initially, both parents of a potential  member had to come from Italy; but when the ranks of viable candidates thinned too much, this edict was tweaked. Now, only one's father has to hail from the boot.

Vito, it would appear, has gone a little too far.

Old-time Cosa Nostra boss Albert Anastasia was slain in part for selling buttons; but he sold them to Italians. For this, bullets shattered his brains while he was relaxing in a barber chair, warm cloth covering his face.

Vito, it seems, was rewarded for his breaking of basic mob procedure by creating what would become a rebellious faction -- the one that would spark the ongoing mob war on his turf, which as was widely reported has now expanded into Italy.

The National Post noted that Rizzuto had broken "the fundamental, centuries-old rules of the Mafia by formally inducting non-Italians into his Mafia clan, including a French-Canadian and a Spaniard, according to conversations secretly recorded in Sicily.

"He may be regretting his multicultural approach."

One non-Italian inductee, Juan Ramon Fernandez, born in Spain and considered to be Vito's right-hand man, was brutally slain in Sicily this past week, "apparently because he was reluctant to choose sides in Montreal’s deadly Mafia war," the Post wrote.

Raynald Desjardins, however, the other non-Italian Mafioso, supposedly was the "architect of the rebellious faction that challenged the leadership of Mr. Rizzuto in Montreal, authorities allege." He currently sits in prison, having been charged with the murder of former Bonanno family acting boss Sal "The Ironworker" Montagna.

The Post got hold of the wiretaps and released them to the public on Friday, it reported, following a large police operation in Sicily that arrested 21 men.

"They shed fascinating and unexpected light on the perplexing and deadly struggle for control of Canada’s underworld — a struggle that has claimed 20 lives — after police in Sicily monitored conversations between dozens of mobsters, including Canadians visiting and living in the birthplace of the Mafia," the Post reported.

Mr. Rizzuto “makes the f–king rules” regardless of what Sicilian Mafia bosses thought, Fernandez asserted on the wiretaps. “Vito ‘made’ me and my compare, Raynald,” Fernandez also said on a wiretap.

“You’re not Italian,” said whoever Fernandez was talking to.

“No, no. Me and my compare,” Mr. Fernandez insisted, were “made” men despite their lineage.


Violent death of Canada mobster in Sicily ambush a sign Montreal’s mob war has spread | World | News | National Post


  1. It was Frank Scalise who was murdered for selling buttons not Albert Anastasia.

  2. Who'd Scalise work for?

    1. Scalise worked for Anastasia but that doesnt mean Anastasia was complicit in the scheme. I've never heard Anastasia's name mentioned in connection to the selling of mafia memberships ever. You Sir are a bullshit artist.

    2. I am not the May 13, anonymous guy, but as you see, I agree with him... Anastasia was responsible for selling buttons at 50K each. That is why Gambino shut the books when he took over, and outside of a couple of special situations, no one was made until the books reopened when Carl died. Actually, there was another drama when another wiseguy got shelved and thought he'd form his own crew. He began taking guys down to a cellar and conducting an induction ceremony. One of them came to me and proudly announced he'd been made (keep in mind, Carl was still alive and the books were closed). I explained the situation to him and advised he not go around telling people because he would soon find himself with lead poisoning...from bullets.

    3. I'm not any of you up above and I'm not agreeing or disagreeing but how come in all the books and documentaries where this selling mafia memberships is mentioned it's always Scalise who is said to be culprit and Anastasia is never mentioned once ever.
      Joe Bonanno who knew both men personally addresses this in his book, he only mentions Scalise as the guilty party no mention of Anastasia.

    4. Time I step into this. Do you think anyone would work for a man like Anastasia and pull a stunt like that without cutting him in??? Anastasia would've torn Scalise's head off if he had found out the guy was pulling such a top-level scam without his okay. As for Bonanno, he and the Mad Hatter were good friends; Bonanno is full of shit anyway but he'd protect his friend, wouldn't he? Scalise's scam cost Anastasia everything and made Carlo close the books for decades...

  3. The smart thing for the mob to do would be to induct non Italians. For instance, wouldn't you rather a college educated guy with military experience on your side? Or would you bump up a guy that can't tie his own shoe laces because he has an Italian last name? I understand the tradition, but for the mob to advance as a business it needs top notch hands...

    1. no the rules are the rules, thats what associates are for

  4. This is another reason why the mob is losing power my friend. If you have smarter people of other ethnicity's that can run the rackets on a more sophisticated, harder to detect level, why would they even bother with the mob for muscle? Any neanderthal can pull a trigger and that's what intelligent criminals are understanding these days. You won't get the same quality people in your organization if they can't move up, hence why the mob is involved in less sophisticated crimes these days and are turning to drugs for a quick buck along with the same old gambling and extortion. Of course your Cosa Nostra will be all Italian, but the most powerful groups are incorporating more qualified humans to run and control different rackets not based on if a vowel ends their last names.

    1. The job market has to be really fucked up for a college educated man with military experience to be considering a mafia career.

    2. Welcome to America! lol

  5. I don't believe vito made them . I think this dude was just going around saying that to make fit in more in Sicily. Vito knows more about the traditions than anyone.

    1. I agree. it seems like a case of someone trying to sound more important than he really was, and he shot his mouth off to the wrong people.

    2. Vito did in fact make Fernandez. Fernandez was an extremely smart and successful international gangster. He would have had to be insane to walk around SICILY saying he is a made guy when he wasnt. He wasnt that stupid. He was killed after Vito realized what he did wouldnt fly in sicily and it made him look really bad so remedy was kill the man.

  6. joe bravo...what a set of balls...a true gangster...did his time ...kept shut... and bang..what away to go...if vito didn't do this..then I would be running for the hills... if vito did do this...then you should be running for the hills

  7. Cosa Nostra, Camorra, N'drangheta, are Italian..period. Associates are one thing, hell tutsoons have "worked" for families but no membership. Remember, this is our thing.


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