The Girl in the Blue Mustang

A beautiful young woman, found dead
in her car in a public parking lot.
Cosa Nostra News was born out of a previous blog; I started writing a lot of mob stories when the idea hit me to devote a blog exclusively to the Mafia. There are a lot of benefits to having a niche-focused blog instead of one that is all over the place.

I basically left the earlier blog alone, Requiem for an Editor, and began focusing exclusively on this one. But every once in a while I check on it. It still has legs. Even without any fresh content since Jan. 8, 2011 (I did make an occasional post since then, but I only mean three or four, at the most.)

There is one story I wrote on that blog that has still been generating an awful lot of page views, so much so that Google sent me a message about "an increase in the volume" of readership activity. I checked it out; the blog is still producing hits, one story in particular, which is up to 100 comments as of right now. I find it interesting how popular this story is. So I thought I'd share it with you all.

It's a simple recap of an episode of a TV show; it's always the simplest posts, I find, that tend to go somewhat "viral." Don't know why...Here you can find the story: Requiem For An Editor: The Girl in the Blue Mustang.
The man on the left was found guilty of murdering the woman
on the right;

The Dateline episode, which must be widely repeated, since last October, when the last comment was made, probably. It concerns the late-night murder of a young woman in a public parking lot; the prosecution honed in on the security guard working the lot on the night in question. He seemed suspicious as all hell, to me anyway. Eventually he was found guilty of the murder (after a couple of mistrials) and sentenced to life. 

A lot of people, to my surprise, feel very strongly about this murder case -- on both sides, with many thinking he was framed, others he was guilty. I have never seen so many people get so worked up over a TV show (except, of course, for "Mob Wives").

Maybe you've seen the episode and have thoughts as well. Check it out... we'll wait here for you....